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How To Eat Healthy AND Save Money On Groceries

One of our biggest expenses, and one that never ends, is our food budget. There are many ways a person can save on their grocery bill without sacrificing nutrition, and I’m going to share some ideas of how to eat healthy and save money on groceries today.

Plant a Garden

While starting a garden does involve some expense, in the long run we are rewarded with food that is very cost efficient, and often more nutritious than that from the store.

Fruit trees will grow and produce fruits for many years, other “crops” such as potatoes, peas, and carrots, are easy to grow, but require planting.

You should note that eating potatoes are not the same as seed potatoes so will not produce as well, or at all. Even people without a garden space can grow a tomato plant on their balcony.

Since the food is fresher it has not lost its nutritional value which is awesome! And let’s be honest, food tastes better when you have grown it yourself! For a fantastic blog on homesteading check out Houseful Of Nicholes!

Keep some Chickens

Homesteading is gaining popularly, by keeping our own chickens we can have a “pet” that also provides us with food – eggs. Hens lay eggs even when roosters are not around. They do require feeding, and will eat bugs from the garden (and strawberries too if not watched).

Some breeds lay one egg a day, but most stop laying in the winter. At this time a person can slaughter them, sell them, or over winter them, however egg laying will decline every year.

Fresh free range eggs are often more nutritious than battery hen eggs which may be as old as 3 weeks by the time they reach the stores.

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Bulk Buying

If planned carefully a person can save a lot of money on groceries by buying in bulk. Watch to see the foods are healthy, not full of sugar, and such. Soup is one of the cheapest meals and cans of soup can often be purchased in bulk.

Not everything at the bulk stores are cheaper! Be sure to do your research before you shop.

Coupons and Deals

Do not be afraid to look for sales, deals, and coupons. Some stores have one day a month when all their groceries are 10% off, be sure to know which stores have such deals and when. Keep track of fliers to see which stores have the best sales over all. Also keep an eye out on your favorite manufacturer website for coupons as well.

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It is not always efficient to buy some things and one store, and some things at another when you factor in time, and gas, so try to shop smartly for your groceries rather than running all over for the best deals on a few items.

Eat Smart

Some foods cost more than others. Meat is one of the most expensive of all food items, and many people have a tendency to eat more meat than is required. Meat does not need to be consumed every day, and not in the huge portion sizes that it often is.

In fact a standard serving size is about the same as a deck of cards. By reducing our meat intake, and switching to cheaper cuts of meat, we can save a lot of money. Cheaper foods like rice, or potatoes, can be increased in our diet.

Eat Less

As with meat many people consume too much food in general. By reducing the amount of food we consume we will also reduce our grocery expenses. It’s so tempting to buy a LOT of food, but eating a small amount of your favorite foods, work too.

How do you eat healthy and save money on groceries?