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Growing Up NYC – A Much Needed Resource For Growing Healthy Kids

by Nellie


Although I live in the greatest city in the world it can be quite hard to navigate–they are so many programs and services available but only so many people can take advantage. When you are a parent, it can be even harder.


I didn’t realize the difficulties of a being a parent in NYC until I tried to register forms first born for pre-k and got rejected from ALL of my choices and spent 3 weeks trying to find him a seat. Thankfully by the time my little went to pre-k last year the system had be overhauled and we not only had our choice of schools but they even had full day options available too.


Growing up NYC


Earlier this week I was invited to City Hall to meet with the First Lady of New York City, Mayor DeBlasio’s wife, Charlene McCray to discuss the city’s new mobile resource Growing Up NYC.growing-up-nyc-4517

This was my first time in City Hall. I’ve been past it a million times and have visited many governmental buildings around it but the actual building was brand new to me. It was gorgeous.


growing-up-nyc-4509 growing-up-nyc-4511 growing-up-nyc-4528

We (various media representatives) were ushered into a very official room with individual iPads before us so we could browse the app for ourselves and ask questions and make suggestions.


The First Lady greeted us and shared with us about what the meeting would be like. We then got to learn more about the app. There are three major components to the app.



  • Local events: There are a million events happening in NYC on any given weekend. You can browse the events that are affiliated with the Parks and Recreation department which includes library events and Halloween events too for different age ranges.
  • Programs: Confused on how to register your child for pre-k? What exactly is the process? What about low cost healthcare? Growing up NYC offers all the programs available and you can choose them by the age of your child.
  • Milestones: should my child be talking by now? What about clapping? Sitting up? On the mobile app you can check the milestones your child should be hitting according to their age. Plus you can find city resources to assist you if you have any concerns with your child’s development.

growing-up-nyc-4522I am so excited for this mobile app, just browsing it for a few minutes allowed me to find new resources for my kids. More importantly, it makes things a lot easier on NYC parents. This city can be super had to figure out but this tool will make things way easier.


You can check out the Growing Up NYC website here.

#GrowingUpNYC is an awesome resource to help #NYC parents raise happy and healthy kids! @nycgov Click to Tweet

If you live in a big city, have you ever had trouble finding resources in your city?

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Janine HulDie October 20, 2016 - 6:35 am

Sadly even though I am not that far away I don’t get into NYC as much as I used to or liked to. That said going to have to check out this app and maybe it will inspire me still 😉

kita bryant October 20, 2016 - 11:36 am

Atlanta is big but not as big as New York I try to keep up by following my local bloggers. I love New York and I am thinking it’s time I brought my kids up there to see the city. We are planning it next summer cause I can’t do y’all type of cold

Tamara October 20, 2016 - 10:36 pm

City Hall takes my breath away! I lived in SF but never had kids there. I would have loved an app for resources if it had happened, though.


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