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Fitbit Launches Four New Fitness Devices For Kids and Adults

by Nellie

All of the new Fitbit Products coming in Spring and Summer of 2019, reach your exercise goals with these awesome fitness trackers!

After nearly 12 years and 27 million active users, Fitbit continues to focus on making health fun and attainable for everyone, regardless of fitness level or goals. This week the wearables brand announced four new products: Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Fitbit Inspire HR & Fitbit Inspire, and Fitbit Ace 2– a trendy line of fitness trackers designed to help make health and fitness accessible to more consumers across the world at an affordable price point. I’m all for a fresh, vibrant update to my workout essentials without breaking the bank and during the Fitbit launch preview, I couldn’t stop swooning over the gorgeous new Spring product line.

Fitbit Ace 2, 3QTR view, in Night Sky and Neon Yellow

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is an everyday smartwatch with most of the core fitness and smart features Versa is better known for, including automatic activity, PurePulse  24/7 heart rate, and Sleep Stages tracking, 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS, smartphone notifications, apps, 4+ day battery life and relative SpO2 sensor. It’ was really impressive to learn that this sensor has the potential to estimate changes in blood oxygen levels and help track new indicators about health, such as sleep apnea and menstrual cycles. This easy to use device is lightweight, swim-proof comes in bold colors, and only costs $159.95.

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire HR is the brand’s most affordable and stylish 24/7 heart rate tracking device at $99.95.  It features all-day automatic activity, exercise and Sleep Stages tracking, with 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS, and Relax guided breathing.

If you’re like me and new to wearables you may want a tracker that’s easy to use at an even lower-cost,  Fitbit Inspire is available at just $69.95. It has the essential health and fitness features to help users stay motivated to crush their goals, including automatic activity, exercise, and sleep tracking, goal celebrations, Reminders to Move and timer & stopwatch apps to help users stay on track. Both products have a new modern, swim-proof design with a touchscreen display, smartphone notifications and up to 5 days of battery life for day to night wear.

At first I favored the Versa lite for it’s chunkier face and bold color accessories but after staring at it’s beautifully chic and slim design long enough, I think I prefer the Fitbit Inpsire line because it seems more versatile. You can easily wear it throughout the day –  to your morning HIIT session and then get all glammed up for a night out and never need to take it off because it seemed too bulky to be paired with a wrap dress.

Fitbit Ace 2

Winter months in the city can lend itself to a bit of cabin fever and I can’t wait for the warmer days ahead to get the kids out and about. Fitbit Ace 2 will be available Summer of 2019 and helps kids ages 6+ learn healthy habits at an early age. Today, 1 in 5 children are obese and as a parent, I think the usage of the Ace 2 is a great way to encourage kids to spend more active time with family and friends. Ace 2 comes in really cute colors like watermelon and night sky and has a new swim-proof design with a bumper to protect the screen during kid-related activities. Children will love that the Ace 2 debuts new animated clock faces,  motivating challenges to keep the entire family moving, colorful avatars and cover photos to personalize their profiles.  

March is usually when people start to stray from their New Year fitness goals, which of these new Fitbit’s are more your style and will help keep you on track?

Guest Contributor Danielle Wilson is an Event Manager & Freelance writer who lives in Queens, NY with her hubby and two lil’ monsters. You can find her living in the moment while persevering with Crohns disease. Follow their family adventures in the city at Dellah’s Jubilation and over on Instagram @DellahsJubilation and @Lilmonstersinnyc.

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