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Currently…End Of Summer Edition

by Nellie

Hey Y’all.

So it’s been a minute since I’ve given you guys a life update so I figure I’d write one of these to catch you up on my insane summer, since the kids are officially back in school today.

Family Travel

During the month of August, We took two trips almost back to back. The first one was to our fourth (and final wahhhhh) Family Forward Conference. The second one was the boys first trip to Jamaica for a family wedding, which was incredible for many reasons but mainly because they got to meet close family they have NEVER met before, and experience the land from which their beloved grandmother and great aunts were born. Plus they got to enjoy the beach, the pool and so much more. (Full posts coming on that experience soon!)

Ambassadorships & Other Fun…

A few weeks ago I was approached to be a member of the 24 Hour Fitness Fit Squad! For the next year I’ll be visiting various 24 Hour Fitness locations, trying the classes, the equipment and reporting back to you guys on Instagram! How cool is that?!

While I was on vacation in Orlando, I got the notification that I was chosen to be on the Cabot Fit Team! I’ll be running the Ocean Road 10k in beautiful Rhode Island, plus spending the entire weekend learning and exploring the beautiful state. I’m so ready!!

Running and things

My running has been in the toilet. Not gonna lie. I have run exactly 2 races all summer and my mileage has been spotty in between. I’m quickly beginning to realize that without marathon training, it is HARD to stay on top of my miles!! My workout schedule was going really awesome until I hit August and everything kids of deteriorated around the back to back trips.

On Saturday I ran the Percy Sutton 5k which I figured would ease me back into the running game….and it did. I realized once I was done how much I missed running, racking up miles, the camaraderie, the fun of pushing yourself, listening to motivating music, and of course crossing the finish line. When you haven’t done something in a while it is so easy to psych yourself out it over and over–meanwhile that thing is just waiting for you to get back.

Entrepreneur Life

The summer was tough. It was impossible to write most days. Mommy camp was rough on a sista. I didn’t have the luxury of a quiet home, because…kids. Even though they are 8 & 5, they require a LOT more attention than I expected them too. Especially since my eldest child has been diagnosed as special needs….but that is for another post.

I’ve had to shelve BAM Digital Media social media business for the summer. I’ve kept one active client throughout and thankfully the blog has been keeping me afloat for the last three months. I’ve been actively conscious about pushing myself too hard, and the business was the one thing tipping the boat. I am SO grateful for this blog that has allowed me to keep pushing and taking care of my family while doing what I love. I am hoping to focus more on the business as soon as things settle down a bit.

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How have you been doing? Are your kids back to school yet? How was your summer??


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LaSawh August 28, 2017 - 6:00 am

Girl I was wondering how you were doing it all! But your august looked fabulous! I’m glad you got in that family time! Now, back to normal with school starting! Hopefully…..

Allie August 28, 2017 - 6:20 am

So much to digest here! I’m so happy you have been able to travel so much and do so much with the family this summer and also glad you could step back from some work priorities to focus on family. I’m so sorry to hear your oldest was diagnosed with special needs but you have so much great support and are such a strong and smart woman, I know you will navigate what is best and what he needs!!
Love that you are working the ambassador side of blogging like a boss too! I so wanted to be on the Cabot team but knew I wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time to it this year. Kids are so demanding!! 🙂 xoxo

Janine HulDie August 28, 2017 - 7:41 am

Absolutely loved the update and could so relate with having my girls home here all summer long, too. However, my girls still are off until next Wednesday m. So I still have a bit more time of Mommy Camp here it would seem though. That said am going to try to enjoy the last few days though as I know before I know it we will be knee deep in homework and more. Happy Monday though and congrats on all the new exciting adventures and partnerships 😉

Kita August 28, 2017 - 8:38 am

Something will always lack when you are doing so much. Glad to know that you all spent the last few days of summer together having a blast

Tamara August 30, 2017 - 7:28 pm

I have one back to school (today) and one returning next week. Honestly, I’ve forgotten what life used to be like. I used to just.. do things. Errands. Appointments. WORK. And not have to worry about how to do it. I will be spoiled next week when I can work without interruption!
And you’re right – 5 and 8 doesn’t mean self-sufficient, necessarily! Scarlet is really petite so I still have to run around and get things for her or else she climbs on chairs!


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