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20 Creative Indoor Winter Activities For Kids {Free Ideas Printable}

Bored on winter break? Check out this free printable download full of 20 indoor winter activities to keep your kids busy and active! There are ideas for kids and adults that you can do at home or in school. This is great family fun for all members of the family! #winterbreak #winteractivities #winterfun

A kids winter break can be a source of stress for moms that have no idea how to entertain their kids.  The kids are off school, hopefully all of the homework is done and they are starting to get restless. You need some snow day tips to turn round the bad weather to your advantage. Here’s a quick list of the best creative indoor winter activities for you and your family this winter:

Get out of the House and Have Fun 

Remember how you tingled with excitement when you were six years old and you woke up to see the trees and rooftops covered in a blanket of snow? Rekindle childhood memories by putting on your boots and gloves and getting out in the snow.

Fun Printable Activities Pack for Kids: Your Go-To Guide for Guaranteed Entertainment

Childhood is all about fun, exploration, and creativity. So, why not facilitate this incredible phase of life with a curated set of delightful activities? A fun printable activities pack for kids is your ultimate secret weapon for those days when boredom strikes, and the classic “I’m bored” echoes through your home. With a variety of options like ice skating, building a pillow fort, playing a board game, baking cookies, and even putting on a play, this activities pack serves as a boredom-buster and a catalyst for creativity and familial bonding.

Why Use a Printable Activities Pack?

In this digital age, it’s easy to hand over a smartphone or tablet to keep the kids entertained. However, physical activities not only stimulate their minds but also help in their physical development and social skills. A printable activities pack is a tactile and interactive way for kids to engage with entertainment options. It acts as a go-to guide when you hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored,” and trust us, it will turn those frowns upside down.

How to Use the Activity Pack

Place the activity pack in a communal area where the children can easily access it, like on the fridge or a bulletin board. Whenever they feel like they’ve run out of things to do, they can pick an activity from the pack. Make it even more exciting by placing the activities in a jar and having them draw one. It adds an element of surprise and anticipation!

If you have kids, you have the perfect excuse for being a kid yourself for the day. (If you’re bold, you don’t need an excuse.) Build a snowman, go sledding in the local park or just take a walk to enjoy the seasonal scenery.

Play Board Games

Sometimes old-fashioned ideas are the most fun. Dust off Monopoly, Scrabble and Operation, get competitive and spend the day besting your opponents. But Dads: Just don’t forget to let the youngest win once in a while.

Cook up a Hot Treat and Invite Your Friends Over

Put a pot of soup on the stove or whip up some hot chocolate and invite over friends and neighbors. Chances are they’re just as bored as you are. If you’re going to have your plans scuppered for the day, you may as well suffer in good company. A great kids activity for winter break is learning to bake cookies or make cupcakes. Make some winter treats and enjoy them together.

Activities Breakdown

Go Ice Skating

A fantastic option for winter or any time of the year if you have an indoor ice skating rink nearby. Ice skating is not only fun but also an excellent workout for kids and helps improve balance and coordination.

Build a Pillow Fort

All you need are some pillows, blankets, and a sprinkle of imagination. This activity encourages kids to get creative and build their little sanctuary. It’s like having a mini-adventure right in the living room.

Play a Board Game

Whether it’s a strategy game like Chess or a family-friendly game like Monopoly, board games are a great way to involve everyone in the family. They also teach children about rules, patience, and sportsmanship.

Bake Cookies

Getting children involved in baking not only gives them a sense of accomplishment but also offers a tasty reward at the end. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to basic cooking skills and the joy of creating something from scratch.

Put on a Play

Kids love to perform. Whether they’re reciting lines from their favorite movie or coming up with a script of their own, putting on a play nurtures their creative skills and boosts their confidence.

Check on Your Neighbors

Being snowed in can be a positive opportunity to build community and help neighbors get to know one another. You might have elderly or infirm neighbors who can’t get out of the house, are running out of groceries or need a helping hand to shovel their driveways (children can help with this, too).

You might gain some new friends and foster a new sense of kinship in the neighborhood this way.

Share Babysitting with Friends

You probably know other parents who are being driven just as crazy by their cooped-up kids on a snow day. Take it in turns to look after the children, or get together in the same place to share the load.

Chances are the kids will entertain each other, and keeping them occupied won’t be too much of a chore with snowmen and snowball fights to keep them having fun.

Creative Indoor Winter Activities For Kids Free Printable

If you are looking for more ideas, don’t worry I’ve got the best printable! This free download includes a 6-page PDF with a jar label and 20 idea cards full of fun things to do indoors including sing karaoke, write a letter to a friend, watch Disney movies and so much more.

It’s best to print out all the cards, fold them and place them in a mason jar–I’ve even included a mason jar cover for you to print as use as well!

Extending the Fun

For a more structured approach, you could assign different days of the week to specific activities. For instance, make Sundays about baking and Mondays for board games. This will give kids something to look forward to every day.

Benefits Of Indoor Winter Activities

  1. Promotes Creativity: Activities like building a pillow fort or putting on a play stimulate kids’ imagination.
  2. Encourages Physical Activity: Options like ice skating get the kids moving, promoting physical health.
  3. Facilitates Family Bonding: Activities like playing a board game or baking cookies are perfect for family participation, strengthening the bond between family members.
  4. Educational Aspect: Several activities, such as board games, have an underlying educational element, teaching kids about rules, strategy, and critical thinking.

So, say goodbye to dull moments and hello to an array of enriching and entertaining activities with this fun printable activities pack for kids. Trust me, it’s the magic wand you’ve been searching for to turn ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.

Download your creative indoor winter activities idea pack here!

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