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Here’s What You Need To Know About Carter’s Amazing Pajama Program #GivingTuesday

by Nellie

“Everywhere Agency engaged me to do this post. I’m participating because I believe every child should have access to pajamas.”

There has been some insane shopping that has happened in the last few days, from Black Friday (which is really Black Thursday in most cases) to Small Business Saturday, to Cyber Monday our wallets and our email inboxes are all being attacked! Thankfully Giving Tuesday is November 29th and you can offset some of that spending by donating to your favorite causes that need funding the most.

Carter’s Pajama Program


Today I wanted to share with you about Carter’s Pajama Program initiative. They have partnered with the Pajama Program to donate much needed pajamas to our youth. The Pajama Program distributes new pajamas and new books to children in need, they are able to help provide children with a comforting, nurturing bedtime and literacy support. The reading center helps to bridge the 30,000,000 word gap and gives these children the opportunity to read one on one with an adult, something they may not otherwise experience.

How can YOU help this awesome cause?


Glad you asked! Carter’s will be raising awareness about this initiative by committing to matching PJ donations up to 100,000 on Nov. 29, Giving Tuesday. So you can purchase your girl or boy pajamas (who doesn’t love dressing their kids up in fun pajamas for the holidays?! Think of the social media opportunities! 🙂 )

  • Carter’s will be accepting PJ donations in-store throughout the remainder of the year (12/31)
  • Monetary donations can be made online and will be used to provide more books and PJs in your local community, as well as to help build reading centers around the country
  • On Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, Carter’s will match all PJ donations up to 100,000, both in-store and online

You can find your local Carter’s by checking the Store Locator here.

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