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10 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed With The Canon t7i DSLR Camera

by Nellie

10 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed with the Canon T7i

Right before I headed out for the Disney Social Media Moms celebration I partnered with Canon to check out one of the most popular DSLR cameras, the t7i. I already have  the previous version in the T6i so I was curious about how the two would compare. The difference is pretty stark and today I am sharing with you 10 Reasons Why I am Obsessed with the Canon T7i DSLR Camera.

1) Easy to get used to

Although I have been using a Canon t6i since last summer when my Samsung camera fell and met it’s demise during a conference in Florida…I wanted to try out the t7i to see if the t6i was truly the love of my life or if I would need an upgrade. I was also worried about the adjustment of a new camera, considering that I use the camera daily for work. 

The adjustment was EASY, within 5 minutes I was clicking away—I found my favorite no hassle setting—the no flash  (although manual is AWESOME, I simply don’t have the time to adjust the dials when I’m on the go!)

2) Works with my other canon lenses

Since I have invested in a 18-155, and a nifty fifty 50mm lens, it was easy to interchange all of them which was a HUGE win!

3) Super Sharp Pictures

Why I love The Canon t7i DSLR Camera

The difference is pretty clear (see what I did there?) between the t6i and the t7i. I would guesstimate that the pictures are at least 25% sharper. This saves me a lot of time editing photos but also gives me more confidence in the shots that I take.

4) Flexible Viewfinder

This one is a pretty big deal. The viewfinder I have on my T6i does not move AT ALL. The viewfinder on the T7i flips out and over—why is this a big deal? 1) For Vlogging! I can actually set myself up pretty easily to record a video instead of doing a bunch of test videos to make sure my head is not completely cut off (this HAS HAPPENED TO ME!). 2) Selfies!! What is better than a regular selfie? let’s try a high quality DSLR selfie!

5) Fantastic late night pictures

While we were in Disney we got the chance to see the Star Wars Fireworks show in a VIP area in Hollywood Studios. I was a bit worried about how the pictures would come out but the no flash mode came through for me in the BEST way!

6) Even my mom could use it

There were so many times when I wanted to get IN the shot and so I asked my mom to take the picture. She is not the most technologically sharpest knife in the drawer and she was able to take some really fantastic pictures of me (cough) us!

7) Easy wifi connection to phone

The T6i and the T7i are the same when it comes to seamlessly sending pictures to your phone.That is my favorite feature by far—and super handy when you are at events and want to create an instagram album family quickly. The camera creates its own wifi network so I can send pictures and edit them on my phone while I’m underground or in the air with no internet connection necessary!

8) Autofocus On The T7i Is Fantastic

This one is also a huge biggie. With my T6i I have a very hard time getting a good focus point when it comes to video. With the t7i, grabbing a focal point is really easy. Also helpful once again for vlogging and home video.

9) Clear crisp video

Speaking of video, the footage on the T7i is super clear. I was wondering if I should get a separate video camera for my youtube videos, but the t7i is the perfect all in one camera!

10) Long Battery life

You guys know that I am always on the go between blogging events, travel, and #momlife so there have been plenty of times that I have forgotten to recharge the battery! I have gone at least 4-5 events (heavy use) without charging.I appreciate that because it’s one less thing that I have to think about! 

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What is your favorite camera of choice? How important are these features to you?

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Janine Huldie March 14, 2018 - 7:21 am

I think you know my husband works for Canon. So you never have to twist my arm where they are concerned as the wife to an almost 10 year employee, I was sold a long time ago. So, all my camera equipment for blogging is with Canon, too 🙂

Jennifer Lefforge March 14, 2018 - 7:32 am

The night time shots in particular are WOW! It’s a great camera but you’re also a great photographer:).

ktia March 14, 2018 - 9:02 am

You know I’m a canon girl. I have the 5dmark4 and it’s bae. I want one more lens then I will be good to go. I love the feature of putting it on my phone right from the camera.

Tamara March 14, 2018 - 4:01 pm

People are always asking me what camera they should get, and I always say whatever the latest Rebel is, at any given time.
I started on the xTi, which was ages ago. But hey, I started going professional with my Rebel. Canon girl here!

Bethzy Elonia June 5, 2018 - 12:58 am

Hi Nellie,
I love your article! I am a Canon fan as well and I guess it’s because there’s to a Canon camera that meets the eye. At first glance, I understood just how a Canon Camera works, unlike when I first saw a Nikon camera I was trying it but not really sure to tweak it. thanks for the wonderful article!


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