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Trying New Fueling Options + A Bronx 10 Mile Recap!

by Nellie

Happy Friday y’all!

How was your week? My week was a bit crazy–but first–the boys had picture day on Monday!


I spent my week trying to get myself together work wise. Managing a blog and growing it while doing everything I can to learn and grow my startup is taking everything out of me. I do love it, but on Tuesday all the running/traveling caught up with me and I ended up sleeping most of the day. I felt guilty for like half a second, then I remembered I was my OWN boss and if I felt exhausted, I needed to rest. I’m still working on figuring out ways to give myself breaks. It’s crazy because even though I’ve met my income goal for the month–it feels weird and wrong to not be working. I’m working on it. Pray for me.


I had a good and bad workout week but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Saturday: I finally took a class at the new IMAX spin studio in Brooklyn! Review coming soon but it was so awesome! (so.many.reviews.coming)

Long run Sunday: So last weekend I completed the Bronx 10 mile race. This was my second time participating and the course changed a bit so it could end in Yankee Stadium. This die hard Yankee fan was excited!!



The plan called for 16 miles. I felt great throughout especially because I was able to do 2 miles before the race even started. The temperature was perfect and there was plenty of Gatorade and water along the course.

img_0346 img_0347

Testing out Fueling options

I’ve been testing out using dried fruit (thanks to the suggestion that I read about via Allie’s blog) instead of gels and the sports beans that I am used to. Previously I was taking a gel or some kind of fuel every hour. Lately though I’ve been able to go to about 5-7 miles without feeling the need to eat something. At the Bronx 10 miler I ate at (my) mile 10 then again at Mile 15 right before I finished. It was great on my tummy and I still felt a good boost. This will be way better for me and I figure out fueling for the marathon. I’ll likely have dried fruits for the duration with a lone pack of sports beans if I need something “stronger”.

It also helps a lot not having to carry so much gels during the marathon.


Tuesday: I ran a sad sad 5 miles at my local park. As I mentioned earlier I was feeling terrible but somehow managed to get through it.

Wednesday: I was able to take new Lifted circuit training class at my old stomping grounds of New York Sports Club. Full review to come!

Thursday: rest. because. So. Much. Sore.

Friday: Today I hope to get a simple 3 miles in before I start the day.


This Sunday I’m running Grete’s Great Gallop–I decided to register for this race this week because I haven’t run CP in a while and I need thousands of people to accompany me on my long training run of 18 miles. 🙂 You might remember last year I was scheduled to run this race but it was my first DNS because my train into the city lost power and there was no way to make it to the start line in time. Ugh! Happy to finally run this race!

How was your week of fitness and health? Have you ever not shown up for a race? Have your kids had picture day yet?

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Janine Huldie September 30, 2016 - 5:07 am

I know the feeling of guilt well if I even take an hour out to re-charge during the week for me as I feel like I should be working even if I do need some mental downtime. Trust me I do get it, but am slowly learning to let go when I need to in order to be able to work harder still when I need, too still, as well. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend now 😉

Kimberly G September 30, 2016 - 9:51 am

I also tried something new in regards to fueling for the Bronx 10 Mile. I did two pre-race miles and then had a Honey Stinger gel before the race. During the race I used a few honey stinger chews. It worked out pretty well, but I’m still going to try a few things to see what works the best!

I’ve got 20 miles on Sunday (!) and I’m also doing Grete’s Great Gallop. I’ll be there a little early getting in some pre-race miles so I hope to see you there!

Michelle September 30, 2016 - 2:25 pm

That’s great that the dried fruit is working for you! I’m still on the quest for my “perfect” fueling! Which fruits have you tried? Have fun with your race Sunday!

Tamara September 30, 2016 - 4:38 pm

We are twins. Sometimes I hit my monthly income goals in one day, and I’m still hard on myself for resting/sleeping/reading/watching TV. We are boss girls, through and through!
Tuesday was our Picture Day!

kita bryant October 3, 2016 - 8:50 am

You gotta get rest…..(here I am calling the pot black when I am in the same boat smh) I don’t do picture days you know I do my own photos around here I am not paying for nothing so I don’t even bother to dress them.

Leslie October 7, 2016 - 2:11 pm

Look at how cute your boys are! They’re so grown up in their suits! You definitely need to take the time to take care of your body. Going without rest is terrible for you (speaking from recent experience). And congrats on reaching your income goal for the month. As a startup, that’s fantastic!


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