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A Bestie Trip To Coney Island Beach

coney island beachFriendship is precious. When you find a friend that you can give your entire heart to without an ounce of reservation you should do all you can to nurture that relationship.

Last week my best friend and I decided to take a full day off from work and spend it with each other. Although we live in the same borough–we have almost opposite work schedules so finding time to chill is an effort.SAMSUNG CSC

We decided that we wanted to have the most chill day possible so where else would we go but to the beach? It was a perfect 80 degree day, the sun was present, the breeze was just phenomenal… I strapped on my miraclesuit and made my way onto the hot sand.

You guys know I am always running, running home, running  to events, running to the gym and sometimes just plain running races! So to lay down on the beach without not one care in the world was simply awesome.


The best part was the sun on my skin. I must have needed some vitamin D desperately because when I was lying there it almost seemed as if I was being refueled and replenished by that great big ball of fire. While the bestie and I caught up, we both enjoyed just being so close to the water and giving all attention to each other and ignoring everything else.


Did I mention we went to Coney Island? This area has become a bit of a tourist area since my day. Back in the day *only* Brooklyn people would come to Coney Island because only Brooklyn people could survive Coney Island. Now there were plenty of tourist spots and shops–a far cry from what it used to be!


The boardwalk, however, is just as gorgeous as can be.SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC


It was so nice to put life on pause to spend time with my favorite girl. The one who is always there to listen to me moan and groan about pretty much everything, who I can laugh myself silly with and confide my deepest fears to. From being an excellent Godmother to being an even more excellent friend, I am so blessed to have her in my life!SAMSUNG CSC

What do you love most about your best friend? Have you been to Coney Island lately? When was the last time you relaxed completely?


Wednesday 23rd of July 2014

My last trip to Coney Island was about 2 years ago. I made my brother-in-law take me to Nathan's for frog legs! I try to get together with my girlfriends at least once a year. Sometimes it's real vacations and sometimes it's just weekend trips without kids and significant others. Making time just to hang out with the girls is a must.


Monday 21st of July 2014

I love this post :) I haven't been to Coney Island in forever, this post makes me want to get my behind there asap. Your pictures are gorgeous!

What I love most about my best friend? That no matter what I tell her, I'm never judged.


Friday 18th of July 2014

I think this is so precious that you have this with this woman, Nellie. Seriosuly, you are so right about Coney Island. I was just reading another blog that was saying something similar. I don't currently have a best friend, but I do have a woman in my faith that I've gotten pretty close to. Should the relationship blossom to something as permanent as this I would be so grateful. :)


Wednesday 9th of July 2014

This is so cool. I love having one on one time with my besties too. I actually just spent the past 5 days with two of my BFFs, it wasn't relaxing but it was def a lot of fun.

catherine gacad

Monday 7th of July 2014

i've always wanted to go to coney island. this post makes me want to go even more.