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Amazing Amazon Happy School Year Back To School Essentials!

by Nellie

I know that NYC doesn’t go back to school for at least another 5 weeks (but who’s counting?!) but some of you around the country are actually starting school next week! Wow! Don’t worry, I’m already in a back to school mindset, because summer has been…long to say the least.

Amazon was gracious enough to send me a box full of amazing items that you will need for the new and happy school year–for all ages! We can never actually be too prepared, can we? Check out this list and see what you may have missed–or what you need to add to your list!

Amazon Happy School Year Back To School Essentials!

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet 

Believe it or not we don’t have many electronics in the house. I do know that both kids are getting more and more assignments that require online access. They are often asked to look up lots of definitions, plus they are given supplementary work over summer/winter/Christmas break. Now with both boys entering 3rd and 5th grade respectively, they need to have their own devices to meet this need.

The Fire HD is perfect because they can have minimal access to the internet (without touching moms computer) and watch their favorite Netflix shows in HD. The key for us with screen time is moderation. 

·      MEE KidJamz 3Child Safe Headphones

Now these we needed desperately because the boys tend to be the loudest when the baby is napping. So it’s actually perfect to pair with the Fire HD so that they can work quietly while their sister sleeps.

·      AmazonBasics Everyday School Backpack (color varies)

Not sure about other households but we go through SEVERAL backpacks a school year around here. We have even had days when backpacks HAVE NOT MADE IT HOME. What?! So I love to have several backpacks ready to go incase the ones we buy come with mystery holes (or even spills!). Having a backup is key!

·      S’well Stainless Steel Bottle (color varies)

I AM OBSESSED WITH S’WELL BOTTLES! I know this is a back to school post but man I love these bottles, I promise I have no less than 10. They are so excellent for keeping liquids *really* cold which is my favorite thing to have especially when I’m on a super hot train. Or in the wintertime when I want to take my very hot tea out of the house and enjoy it at my leisure. They are honestly my favorite and the designs are just the cherry on top of the cake.

We all love to shop at Amazon year round but what are you getting for back to school? Check out these Happy School Year Back To School Essentials!

·      ZIPIT Twister Pencil Case

The Zipit Twister Pencil Case is definitely not your ordinary pencil case, I’ll be honest, I’m keeping this one for me because I love it so much!

·      Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You. Daily Notebook

We love notebooks around here, somehow I have raised my eldest child to be a notebook junkie just like his mama. He loves having separate notebooks for all of his creative loves and interests. The minute he saw this one, he claimed it and we shall see what he uses it for now!

·      Geddes Scented Donut Shoppe Erasers & Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils

These are both super fun to have. The school supply list doesn’t call for these but we love to keep our “fun” paper/pencils/erasers in the homework supplies container. It makes homework just a little bit more fun.

·      Wickedly Prime Plantain Chips

I absolutely love that you can even get your SNACKS from amazon! Yes please! The thing is, I can NEVER have enough snacks in this house, the boys (and hubby sometimes!) goes through them like water! We ran out of snacks last week and you would have thought something awful happened. They were walking around in a daze…”What are we going to do without SNACKS?!” Live, that’s what.

·      RushHour Traffic Jam Logic Game

We actually tore this baby open right away. It’s a fun puzzle that makes you use your brain! You shift the pieces of the puzzle (without lifting any!) to get one particular piece out. There are plenty of combination cards so it kept the boys busy for hours! My youngest boy at 7 years old, has the best STEM brain out of all of us and of course solved the most puzzles. I solved one then gave up on the second. Don’t judge me, I tried.

Of course there are a ton of fun back to school things to get the kids from Amazon that may not be on the school supply list. It can be so fun to shop with the kids to make sure they have all the tools they need to have the most successful and happy school year yet! 

Be sure to check out some more ways that you and your kids can have a Happy School Year with Amazon!

Have you started your back to school shopping yet?

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