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Am I Being Too Sensitive?



I totally had something else planned for today, but I had a little situation yesterday and I was curious about what you all thought about it, because your opinions matter to me.

I woke up yesterday morning not wanting to do anything. Like nothing at all. The preschooler went to bed past midnight and the baby got up and hour earlier than normal. This can’t be life. I dragged myself out of bed and before my feet even touched the ground outside of my house I had made up my mind about going to the gym.


I wasn’t going. I had no motivation. As always, I still carried my gym clothes because maybe I would change my mind.

I am happy to say I did make it! I knew I couldn’t do a bootcamp or something that required a lot of concentration so I decided to jump on my favorite spin bike and just work really hard for 40 minutes. It was so good, it was delicious. It was what I needed to clear my mind and really press restart on the day. I felt AMAZING. I actually felt a lot like this:


I ended my workout, went upstairs to change and the Group Fitness Manager approaches and asks me to come in his office and close the door.


He proceeds ask me if I like my trainer. I tell him I do. (I only see him once a month, because guess what, I don’t HAVE an extra $300 to pay someone ON TOP of my gym fee, sorry–no.) He then tells me that I NEED to upgrade to 4 times monthly to start seeing the results that he sees with his other clients…


After that he dissects my workout, telling me that I should not have spent 40 minutes on the bike–that I should be doing interval training and blah blah blah.  I knew all of that but today, I just wanted to spin. Spinning  to me is like what a daily 10k is for runners. Sometimes you need to do it to clear your head.

The whole time I’m looking at dude like:


First of all, WHY are you watching me? Ease up! Second of all, I follow the circuit training regimen 3 times a week as assigned by my trainer. So whats the problem?

The more he spoke the more heated I got because basically he is telling me that after a month that I am not exactly where he would like me to be.

My first reaction was to tell him to kick rocks. Then I remembered my 6 month contract that I am now 1 month into. *facepalm*

THEN he went on to compare me to some other chick and the rest of my PT’s clients “that were making so much progress” had me wanting to FLIP the table.


I didn’t however, I stayed quiet and let him speak his mind while I considered my options.

Maybe I was being too sensitive–maybe I should do circuit training everyday until all of the weight is gone. Hmm.

Maybe he is just an ass and I just need to keep it moving. Hmm.

One thing about me and weight loss, I do not like being pushed financially, I do not like being sold to, and I CERTAINLY do not like being compared to another person in a negative way. Since I gained 7 pounds, I have lost all of it AND THEN some. I have logged my food in MFP for 27 straight days. I am winning, not in his way, but in my own.

I am curious though, do you guys think that I am being too sensitive? Or do you think that I need to keep it moving and ignore him?? Be honest, I can take it.


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Friday 29th of November 2013

Not sensitive at all. Wow, the nerve of him. One thing I had to realize, was that at the end of the day, trainers and gyms are about the bottom line. They have sales objectives, and even quotas in some establishments. Some may genuinely care about your personal progress and goals, but, when you have someone comparing you to other members - that's a sales tactic. And a dirty one, might I add. The fact that you even MADE it to the gym, to spin or dare I say it... get on a treadmill (I had a trainer chastise me for this, lol)... should've caused him to have and keep several seats.

catherine gacad

Monday 11th of November 2013

you are absolutely not being sensitive. this made me react with anger. how dare he try to upsell you? i really don't like being attacked like that and to spend more money on top of it. my acupuncturist did something similar and was trying to get me to buy herbs on top of everything else and i did not want to do it. she kept pushing and pushing. i made the decision that if she brought it up one more time, i would drop her, no matter how much i liked her acupuncture.


Sunday 10th of November 2013

I am LIVID reading this. I know how amazing you are, how hard you work (yes, I need you to bottle some of the that energy, determination, and fierceness in a bottle so I can buy it!). I hate hate hate that this sales manager tried to pull some psycho Jedi Mind trick so you can buy more sessions. EVERY one is different and I am SO proud of your journey Nellie. I'm glad you stayed calm. Keep doing what you are doing--you are utterly fabulous in every way.


Monday 11th of November 2013

Thanks Lia, I am just going to keep pushing on regardless of what that idiot said. Thank you so much for your support!


Saturday 9th of November 2013

Not sensitive at all! I think he was completely out of line. It seems to me it was a bit of a money grabbing talk. So sorry you had to listen to his crap.


Monday 11th of November 2013

Its okay. He was truly motivated by sales and not by helping me which is just awful.