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I went shopping at Saks Off 5th and Here’s My Incredible Haul

by Nellie

I love a good discount store. My mom is the QUEEN of discount shopping and let me tell you, she passed all of those savings genes right on to me! So when Saks Off 5th reached out to invite me to the grand opening of their new Brooklyn store in Sunset Park, I didn’t hesitate to check out the new store!


The moment I walked in I knew this was going to be one of MANY times in this store. The decor, the open space and the vibe was SO awesome. I am super familiar with the Saks Off 5th stores in Manhattan, this one in Brooklyn is a fantastic size and the selection was so good. The store is set in a renovated warehouse really close  to the D, N & R train.


The amazing folks at Saks Off 5th gave me a gift card to go shopping and I had a really hard time choosing what to buy–so much good stuff! The aisles are really wide open and the neon signage adds a super playful look. It encourages the buyer to have fun while shopping, which is what I am all about.


The first place I gravitated towards was the shoes section. All of the shoes were divided by size which is great because it makes it super easy to see what is available in your size versus wasting time on trying to find your size in a style that you like. Plus the boxes are open so you know exactly what you are getting!

new-saks-off-fifth-opens-in-brooklyn-4428 new-saks-off-fifth-opens-in-brooklyn-4452 new-saks-off-fifth-opens-in-brooklyn-4457

I saw these Coach sneakers and fell in love immediately. They were decently priced and felt great! Since my wardrobe has toned down a lot, these are perfect for everyday use!

(I got the laces!)

Next I went over to the clearance aisle because I was pretty sure I’d find some awesome summer deals just in time for my trip to the caribbean in a few weeks! I was totally right. I found a pair of shorts, a skirt, a maxi dress and a halter top all for under $100!

new-saks-off-fifth-opens-in-brooklyn-4424 new-saks-off-fifth-opens-in-brooklyn-4430

Next I went over to the sunglasses section. There were so many cute styles, I kind of wanted all of them. Obviously, I need a great pair for Jamaica right?! So I got one too 🙂 The store has over 1500 pairs of sunglasses to choose from, how could I not?


The jewelry section had me weak! So many cute pieces but I got a classic pair of round gold hoops that will go with every outfit plus it looks great on the beach too! (Are you seeing a theme here?!)


Then, something amazing happened. I stumbled upon my obsession. Alex and Ani Bracelets. I resisted the urge to purchase all of them and chose my sign’s charm in a beautiful gold shade. YES.


Next I realized that I have a ton of BIG gorgeous bags but I’m not going to want to carry that all around Jamaica–I like to be hands free on my vacations! The amazing sales associate helped me find a really cute over the shoulder purse that carries my camera, my phone and some pocket change. Perfection!

Be sure to check out your local Saks Off 5th for your chance to find some awesome great finds!

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Do you shop for clothes during the offseason? Have you ever been to a Saks Off 5th?

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Janine Huldie October 18, 2016 - 7:06 am

I would have so loved to do this as I love shopping and Saks, too. Seriously looked like you had so much fun and I am also with you by the way on Alex and Ani 🙂

Danielle October 18, 2016 - 8:35 am

Looks like a great haul! Saks Off Fifth just opened a location here in Vancouver outside the city. Need to go check it out! I am heading to the Cayman Islands in December – so sounds like the perfect time to pick up some summer clothes 😉

Aliah October 18, 2016 - 9:56 am

What a great haul! And such a super cute bag! I’ve never been to a Saks Off Fifth (you had me at 1500+ sunglasses and Missoni) so I may have to visit this location or the one in NYC.

Tamara October 18, 2016 - 5:52 pm

Shoes, shoes,shoes! And bracelets! I have never had the pleasure of going, but I know I’d love it.

kita bryant October 19, 2016 - 12:18 am

That’s how I buy for my kids. I buy in the off season and I buy one size up or two. I save so much money doing that. I am loving the jewelry!

Terri October 19, 2016 - 9:39 am

It’s so funny that you had no idea what to buy with the gift card. I’m usually the opposite. I alway want to buy so many things when I don’t have money and then when I finally do have money to spend I can’t find anything I want.


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