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How To Raise Healthy, Happy & Active Kids

by Nellie

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How To Raise Healthy, Happy & Active Kids

I am so excited to bring you part two of my interview with 2-Time Olympian Amy Rodriguez. She is such an amazing athlete and today she is sharing her tips on how to raise healthy and active kids. If you haven’t checked out Part One of my interview you can click here!

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Amy, We know that you are athletically gifted, how do you teach your kids that moving is important for their health?

As parents, we are constantly leading by example.  Doing things like hiking, biking, or going on a walk around the block are activities that the whole family can partake in.

Do you choose which activities they participate in, or do you let them choose?

My two boys have a ton of energy, and I love taking them places and finding fun things for them to do. I give them options like going to the beach or going to the park, or which sports they want to sign up for.

How many different sports do they play?

My 4 year old just finished his first season of soccer, and we will shortly begin our first season of baseball. He also has done gymnastics and swimming, which he really enjoys. I’d love to expose him to all different types of sports and see which one, if any, he enjoys.

Have they ever tried a sport and realized after a while that they didn’t like it? How did you handle it?

Funny you ask that. He didn’t love playing soccer this season (which kind of killed me on the inside). I kept encouraging him to do his best, but I also didn’t push him to love it. Like I mentioned before, I want to introduce him to different sports and see which one he enjoys playing the most. At the end of the day, its about what he is passionate about, not me.

What activities would you suggest for moms that may not have sports in the budget for their children?

Anything outside. Kids love the outdoors, especially when the parents are involved. Going for a walk, swimming in the pool, or riding bikes seems like a staple activity in my house. I also like to play outdoor games with my kids such as playing catch or shooting hoops. For my little guy, we get out the bubbles and he loves chasing and popping them.

Do you ever workout with the kids? What activities do you do?

My husband and I will occasionally work out with our kids and when we do, they love it! The kids love sitting on my husbands back while he does push ups, or sometimes we’ll put them in the jogging stroller and go for a run with them. Incorporating them in workouts is super fun (for them ha!) and it also teaches them the importance of exercise.

What type of snacks do you give your kids before and after their activities?

A great pre-activity or pre-game snack for us is the Stonyfield Yokids Squeezers, they are packed with protein and vitamins, and low in sugar, which is great for sustaining energy in my little guys. And they are great for on-the-go, which it seems like we always are.

Why is it important to feed your child organic non gmo foods for snacks?

I love choosing organic foods for my kids because it is the safest and healthiest option out there. When I grocery shop, I look for products with the USDA Certified Organic Seal. That means what I am feeding my family is made without the use of toxic pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. That’s why I love brands like Stonyfield, who I know I can trust.

So many great ideas! I appreciate Amy so much for this interview, she has definitely given me some tips and tricks for raising a healthy and active family! My 5 year old is simply obsessed with Yokids so he doesn’t mind if he’s having it for breakfast, lunch or dessert! We have now started freezing the squeezers for his lunch everyday! If you are looking for a healthy option to kids in the fridge to satisfy those hungry bellies, Yokids is the way to go!

How do you raise happy and healthy kids?

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Janine Huldie December 6, 2017 - 7:11 am

What a great interview and awesome tips, too. I am all for having my kids play outdoors (in the nicer weather) as this is truly what we did when we were younger here to get help in being and staying active. Also love the idea of working out with our kids, too!

Tamara December 6, 2017 - 9:51 am

My kids’ favorite brand for all things yogurt!
Scarlet did soccer for one season and she loved it but never wanted to do it again? That was a bit sad but then she signed up for Girls on the Run (track) and I realized my kid knew what it was to fall in love with athletics. She can’t wait to do it again.

ktia December 6, 2017 - 4:51 pm

You know my kids use to eat yogurt but I haven’t bought it in a while great after school snack. Loved this interview

Stephanie ReadsWell December 7, 2017 - 9:01 am

Glad to read this interview. All answers are up-to-the-points and inspiring.


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