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The Pegasus Hotel Kingston Jamaica: A Complete Review

by Nellie

A Complete Review Of The Pegasus Hotel Kingston

A few weeks ago my family went to Jamaica for a family wedding. I spent most of my summers at my Grandfather’s house as a child, so it was SUPER exciting to finally take my kids to my mother’s country of birth. I usually spend time on the west coast of the island but this trip would have me on the east coast of the island for the first time since I was a little girl.

Pegasus Hotel Kingston

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Last October for Social Media On The Sand, I stayed at Beaches Resorts in Negril, Jamaica. This year we would be staying in my mom’s favorite hotel The Pegasus Hotel Kingston. I had to completely agree, because the hotel was really beautiful.

The lobby was wide and spacious with plenty of room to relax and have meetings. There is a coffee shop with little snacks and sandwiches that was available in case you want to grab a bite as soon as you walk in. The check in process was simple, and they gave us a personal access code to the WiFi that was strong on all areas of the resort.

The Rooms at the Pegasus Hotel Kingston

The rooms at the Pegasus were roomy and fit all of us (and our tons of bags) perfectly. The room had great decor, but my favorite part of the room hands down was the balcony. We had a bit of an industrial view with plenty of buildings below us, but what I loved most was waking up with the beautiful mountains in the distance. There was a seat and table set that was available for early morning reflection and just enjoying the island air.

The television had plenty of American and Spanish channels on the flatscreen including CNN World News and ESPN and of course the Disney Channel (which sometimes had spanish commercials, it was hysterical to watch dad translate for the kids).

The Restaurants at the Pegasus Hotel Kingston

During our stay we were able to check out some of the food on property. Our first day we tried the poolside restaurant which was really good! The boys got their customary chicken nuggets and french fries, while we got burgers. The food was good! They did make us wait 30 minutes before getting in the pool though (no, really, they said we could NOT get in lol!) The science on that is still up in the air but we followed the rules anyway! 🙂

About half a mile away if you are REALLY craving american food you can walk out to a Burger King and a Pizza Hut. In between those two places is the famous Juicy Patties that are known for their amazing beef, chicken, veggie (and more!) patties. There is also a ton of restaurants and food options around that area as well.

Every morning while we were there we took part in the free breakfast buffet. IT WAS SO GOOD! You don’t really expect much from free but I really enjoyed it. The mornings we were there the food varied tremendously–you could be presented with a completely Jamaican buffet or have American staples like scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Everything we tried was really (really) good and the boys (even the picky eater) enjoyed themselves too! Trust me, no one went hungry.

If you need to burn off some energy there is a beautiful park right across the street from the hotel.

The Pool At The Pegasus Hotel Kingston

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The pool is actually pretty decent in size. The shallow area is not that extensive so you really need to know how to swim to explore most of the pool. There was a fun waterfall that the boys loved as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall our stay at the Pegasus Kingston was really fantastic. The staff was awesome and the stay was insanely comfortable, and that is super helpful when you are in town for a wedding. I would easily stay there again.

Have you been to Kingston Jamaica? What is your favorite type of view from a hotel room?

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LaSawh September 20, 2017 - 5:37 am

Looks like you guys had fun!

Janine Huldie September 20, 2017 - 7:12 am

Never been in all honesty to Jamaica, but this hotel looked like a lot of fun for the whole family. So will have to keep in mind if we go to Jamaica in the future here now, too.

Kita September 20, 2017 - 1:38 pm

I have to view some type of water for some reason so I always ask for the room that can view that. Can’t wait to visit this place!

Tamara September 20, 2017 - 2:03 pm

I’ve never been to Jamaica but this is where I’d stay!

Did the hotel staff make you wait 30 minutes before swimming? That made me smile. My parents didn’t abide by that rule but I did for myself! I still cringe when I see my kids run into the pool after food!

Nicole September 20, 2017 - 2:04 pm

Looks like you enjoyed your trip! I also really appreciate a nice hotel balcony + a decent complimentary breakfast. Those are a few definite perks of a hotel. I’ve never been to Jamaica, but I have a feeling that I’ll be visiting there when/if I move back to the east coast in the future!


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