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Do You Get Enough Omega-3s In Your Diet?

by Nellie

Do you get enough Omega-3s?

Last week I attended a fun event and the infamous Bouley Botanical. The Global Nutrition and Health Alliance gathered their best experts to chat individually and collectively with guests about the truth about Omega-3 nutrients and why we should all be making it a priority in our health and wellness.

“Omega-3s are considered “essential” because the body needs them to function but can’t create them on its own,” said GNHA founding member Nigel Denby, RD, Head of Dietetics at Grub4Life in London. “They must come from dietary sources but the reality is, diet alone may not be enough, especially if you are like many people who don’t have access to fresh, quality foods and their nutritional content.”

There were plenty of Omega-3 rich eats such as several kinds of fish appetizers. I had a personal investment in this event because I am highly allergic to seafood, so I already know that my Omega-3 count is lower than most. I have heard many times before that I should have an Omega-3 rich dies for bone, joint and brain health but I have always been super hesitant because of my own personal fish allergy. When you see a supplement named “fish oil” and you have a severe fish allergy, you tend to run in the other direction.

Thankfully there is a solution for me! I learned from the various health professionals at the event that the fish oil supplement comes in different forms. One comes directly from the fish and then there is a second kind of vegetable based fish oil that come from the algae that the fish eat. Both are perfectly fine for people with fish allergies, but I think I will stick with the vegetable supplement just to be safe.

The GNHA is a global, multi-disciplinary group of physicians and nutrition experts working together to educate the public and professionals about optimal nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, including the contribution and interpretation of realistic and science-based recommendations on the appropriate use of vitamins and mineral supplements.

Before the event, I submitted a test sample to see exactly how many Omega-3s I was getting without eating any seafood at all. The tests concluded that I was in the intermediate range, but still had a lot of work to do to get to the recommended levels of Omega-3s. I am going to start an Omega-3 supplement because I AM clearly deficient and I won’t be eating any fish anytime soon ;). Now, not all Omega-3s are cut from the same cloth so it’s really up to you to do the research to see which brand is right for you.

For more information you can check out the GNHA website http://www.globalnutritionhealth.org/  

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Do you have a lot of seafood in your diet? Do you take any dietary supplements?

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Janine Huldie September 25, 2017 - 7:08 am

I am not a big fish eater either. the only fish I tend to like is shrimp in all honesty, which is more shell fish. So, I might have to take a better look at this and consider supplementing, as well. So appreciate the info here today, Nellie.

Tamara September 29, 2017 - 6:28 pm

I actually JUST had seafood for dinner! I’m all good with salmon! Just kidding. I didn’t even know what Omega-3’s were until during the last few years. I took them when I was nursing and had a sinus infection and I swear they helped dramatically.


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