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Have Smells That Are Tough? Finally Get Rid Of The STANK With OdorKlenz!

by Nellie

This post is sponsored by OdorKlenz.

Living with a houseful of guys for the past ten years has taught me a lot about so many things. I have learned all about Marvel characters, different types of cars and um, boy parts. Now that I am a parent to a tween and a six year old, I am now getting a first hand lesson in smells. Don’t get me wrong, the smells were always there but lately the smells have um, changed.

I have active boys. My big guy has a bigger more active personality while my little guy is both insanely active physically and personality wise. We do SO much laundry around here because the boys each can have their own significant smells and let’s be honest–I’m not a fan!

However, I can’t say that I haven’t contributed to the *smells*. You guys know that I’m active and I love to workout and things can get especially gross when I’m training for a marathon. With so many miles a week, and long runs means literally hours of sweat pileup. I personally have my favorite pieces that simply feel good when I run, but sometimes the stank simply is not removed with a regular wash. We tend to rewash my favorite sports bras and clothing around here because I need to be fresh for my runs!

Thankfully, I have finally found a product that saves the rewash process and allows me to wear my favorite workout clothing right out the dryer! I’ve partnered with OdorKlenz Deodorizers to eliminate the stink in both my workout clothes AND the boys everyday clothing.

Here are some of the reasons why I love OdorKlenz:

  • Made from safe earth minerals
  • Non-toxic and safe to use around your family and pets
  • Utilizes a patented technology that actually removes odors at the source
  • No masking agents used in the products

OdorKlenz Sports

I used the Sports Laundry Additive which is super easy to use. All you have to do is add a little to your existing laundry regimen to get out all of the tough odors. I used it for both the boys and my own clothing and it worked like a charm! Everything came out fresh, even my OLD workout clothes smelled amazing.

There are so many options for laundry and what I love about THIS product is that it got rid of a very specific stink of being active. Whether it’s from my own workout clothes or the piles of clothes from the boys, it was able to make EVERYTHING fresh and new. I appreciate that so much!

To learn more and get your own Sport Laundry Additive check out this link! Plus you can save 15% by using the special Brooklyn Active Mama reader code BAM15!

Trust me you won’t regret it! Don’t believe me check out the OdorKlenz Testimonials!

OdorKlenz Sports

We all have those particular pieces of clothing where the SMELL is hard to get rid of. Check out my review on @OdorKlenzClean and why you need to have it in your laundry room! #parenting #momlife #adClick to Tweet

How do you handle the STANK in your house?


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Janine Huldie October 3, 2018 - 6:54 am

I need to find this product now. Because even though I have girls here, trust me there is still enough stank to go around. So, thank you and off to see what I can do now with the offer and promo code you gave above, as well now 🙂

Tamara October 3, 2018 - 10:51 pm

haha, they are so cute in those photos! We’re not quite a STANK territory yet, because Des still smells great (except for his feet in summer.. wow) but I think we’re almost there! I have brothers so I remember the horrors..

kita October 4, 2018 - 10:19 pm

I have gotten used to it. Once you have been boo booed on several times you can handle it all lol.


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