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The New Balance #FreshFoam Arishi Is Your New Favorite Sneaker!

by Nellie

Can you really have too many sneakers? I mean, we are all busy moms, we are constantly moving, getting our STUFF done, calling all the shots and taking all the names. I think we are allowed to be super comfy while doing it. I am a sneaker girl, I think that heels are just a REALLY mean thing that men created for women as a punishment and somehow it stuck.

Don’t get me wrong, heels are gorgeous and I will be quick to tell a friend that they look amazing in them! Me however? I have a very strong love/hate relationship with them, I LOVE looking at them and admiring them–and I simply hate wearing them. 🙂

Because I adore my sneakers so much, it’s easy for me to fall in love with all kinds of sneakers. At the Mom’s Night Out 2.0 event a few weeks ago we were introduced to the brand new #FreshFoam Arishi—designed to keep you moving in comfort all day, every day.

They were super cute, a gorgeous grey color that pretty much goes with everything, not quite super flashy but enough cuteness to show off your style!

All day comfort and style can be yours! The ultra cushioned Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance, lightweight performance shoes are designed to keep up with your life—all day, every day. They are good for getting around and even dancing! I wore them when I led the cardio dance class in Miami for Blogalicious!

So if you are looking for a new pair of sneakers that are not only cute, but breathable, check out the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi! You’ll love it!

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