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#BeachesMoms Social Media On The Sand Conference Part Two

by Nellie


The second half my trip to Jamaica was equally as awesome as the first half. #justsayin



I am so proud to say that I worked out ALL three mornings I was on the resort. The first day we did pound fitness, the second day we did strength training–which was the coolest because I got to teach some of my favorite blogger friends how to use weights. They looked so badass using the squat rack for the first time!!


The third day I ran 6 miles of taper for the upcoming marathon on the treadmill and I think this is the MOST active I’ve been on a vacation–ever!


Conference Day


On conference day we were able to learn more about the Sandals and Beaches locations across the Caribbean. Sandals is going through a huge renovation on their already beautiful resorts and the results are pretty stunning INCLUDING a beautiful bungalow on the water. What?!


We also had some awesome workshops including an awesome keynote speech from Rene Syler from Good Enough Mother.


Right after the workshops my uncle came and swept us up and took us to YS Falls, which was so amazing that it needs its own post!

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Jerk Cooking Class


One of our final activities was learning how to cook meat with Jerk seasoning. If you have never had Jerk Chicken/Pork/Beef etc it is a pretty amazing spicy seasoning that is SO good. We got a private cooking lesson on the beach (I can’t even believe that I just typed that) and it was so cool! We learned how to jerk (season) the meat properly, then our chef/teacher grilled it for us right there on the spot. It was so good, spicy and yummy. I of course ran straight to the gift shop to buy the Jerk Seasoning so the party could continue in my home. 🙂img_1188



Giggle Beach Party


If there was one thing that we didn’t have a shortage of, it was parties! There was a party every night–I almost felt like a young girl again ;). The finale party was the best however because there was awesome music, a slip and slide with bubbles, and beautifully body painted men and women mingling around!


Highlights of The Resort


The All Inclusiv-ity: Usually when I plan for trips, I usually take in account how much the air fare will cost, the hotel room, the excursions and of course the food and drink. On this trip I didn’t have to worry about food, OR excursions! I could eat as much or as little as I wanted, and whenever I wanted a fancy tropical non alcoholic drink, I had one! And even though I don’t drink my aunt and bestie were able to enjoy shelf alcohol the entire trip! The resort has 9 restaurants and I got to try six of them. The food was all REALLY good. Not to mention that the in room fridges was filled to the brim with water, juice and liquor (and restocked every night!). I’ve stayed at other all inclusives and Beaches Resort is the absolute top of the line.

beaches-part-2-5356 beaches-part-2-5351

Roundtrip Transportation: Negril is about 90 minutes away from the Montego Bay Airport. When we arrived we had a very easy check in process with the Beaches team and were in the complimentary van to the resort in no time.

Beach: The sandy beaches of Negril can’t be topped. I know I am biased because I spent a lot of summers on this beach but the gorgeous-ness of it all is just so good. I always felt super safe on the beach, there was plenty of security around. Plus when you have the amazing beaches staff asking you if you need anything to drink or eat while you are soaking up rays…..well you can get used to that pretty quickly!

beaches-part-2-5367 SAMSUNG CSC

beaches-part-2-5390Family: Although I didn’t bring my boys, they would have absolutely loved this resort because the familiar characters of Sesame Street were constantly around the resort! There is even a special tuck in service that you can order that will have one or more of the Sesame Street characters tuck your littles into bed. There are plenty of kid live shows and character breakfasts as well.


The Staff: The Staff was out of this world. Super warm and friendly, always there to lend a helping hand and the entertainment crew had THE most energy I’ve ever seen. They would dance and dance for hours with a smile on their face! I got to chat with a lot of them and it was such a blast to become a part of the Beaches family, even if it was only for a few days.beaches-part-2-5430

It was a beautiful girls trip where I got to spend time with my favorite blogger girlfriends, talk industry, laugh about things and bond together over projects like the Reading Road Trip. If invited again I wouldn’t hesitate because it was JUST what the doctor ordered. Beaches is just a stunning resort for all of your relaxation needs.


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Have you ever stayed at an All Inclusive resort? What was your experience?

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CARLA November 14, 2016 - 5:20 am

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS.
It’s showing me a side of the event I didnt imagine.
Id assumed it to be more…not my people?
And then I laugh at me as I like to think/ASSUME Im your people 🙂

Janine Huldie November 14, 2016 - 6:53 am

We actually went to Sandals Royal Bahamian for our honeymoon, which I do believe Sandals and Beaches are run by the same overall company, but Sandals is more for couples, while Beaches is more family oriented. But do agree overall with all you said about the all-inclusive nature of these types of resorts and why I chose originally to book Sandals instead of just a regular resort int he Caribbean at the time. Also, hoping someday when we do return with the kids that we would go to a Beaches Resort for just that reason, as well. 🙂

kita bryant November 14, 2016 - 11:40 pm

The blue water and the food….I am here for all of it! I saw some of the photos online and was every bit of jealous!

Tamara November 16, 2016 - 12:46 pm

Jerk cooking on the beach?? The coconuts make awesome bowls.
I’ve never stayed at an all inclusive resort but it’s on my wish list during a miserable New England winter.
This is an adventure!!

Agness of Run Agness Run February 24, 2017 - 12:26 pm

This place looks amazing, Nellie! The beach, the food and especially the blue water, it looks spectacular!


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