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9 Page Free Weekly and Monthly Meal Planning Printable

Meal planning can certainly help you learn healthy eating habits, especially if you are someone who has to manage meal specific allergies and aversions. A great way to keep control of your meal habits is to plan way ahead of time. Today I’ve got a free weekly and monthly meal planning printable (9 pages!) to help you along the way!

Here is a super helpful free weekly and monthly meal planning printable to get you right for the new year and beyond. This will help you plan healthy and nutritious meals for your family--this printable includes recipe cards, grocery list, weekly meals at a glance, monthly meals at a glance, school lunches for the week and more!

Should I check with my doctor before I meal plan?

Your doctor can provide you with a list of things that you can or cannot eat. It all depends on what medical condition you have.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you need to be on a special diet that has no salt, fried and fatty foods. If you have high blood glucose levels, then you need to be on a special diet plan that contains sugar substitutes.

A nutritionist can also help provide you with a healthy meal plan. Writing down and keeping track of all your ingredients helps a lot.

How do I start meal planning?

Meal planning is easy and it can greatly improve your health. It does however take a bit of time and research though! With the fast and modern paced world of today, many people rely on fast-food that is very high in fat. It is easy and simple to to cook healthy meals at home and pack lunch if you work out of the home and have no time to cook. You can do this by planning ahead and meal planning. (Here are some really great tips for meal planning a whole week’s worth of food from Eating Well!)

Asking the doctor is a fantastic resource too will know what is best for you and get you on the right track fast. You can get meal planning sheets on-line and print them out fast. You should seek advice from your doctor or at the very least a nutritionist before planning your meals. 

Meal Planning Helps You See The Gaps In Your Diet

A healthy diet plan should contain a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables can provide you with the the basic vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

You can try to make easy yummy substitutions and it helps a LOT to see it on paper. A baked potato, salad or turkey burger are great alternatives as these foods have much less fat and are much healthier for you.

When you eat the right foods and plan your meals you will certainly notice that you will gain natural energy. A lot of people complain of being tired and fatigued and the root of the problem starts with the foods they eat. When you eat healthy, you will be giving your body the vitamin and minerals it needs.

You can start planning your meals now and notice a very good improvement in your health in just a few days. Today I’m hooking you up with a super helpful free weekly and monthly meal planning printable to get you right for the new year and beyond!

Here are some of the pages you will get in the free weekly and monthly meal planning printable:

–Weekly Meal Planner page with Grocery List with Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner breakdown.

–Weekly Meal Planning page with daily boxes for meals + grocery list

–Shopping list that includes produce, dairy, frozen and more to bring to the market

–Recipe cards with space for ingredients and directions

–A Pantry List To Keep Up With inventory

–A running list to keep up with what is currently in the fridge and what is in the freezer

–A Monthly at a glance meal plan

–A School Lunch Meal Plan page for the week

–A Monthly Meal Plan page with breakfast, Lunch and Dinner slots

Here are some more helpful printables for you to check out:

Grab your free printable meal plan here!

Do you meal plan? Does it help keep you organized?


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Thursday 2nd of January 2020

When i click to sign up for the free printable, it takes me to another blog post about air fryer veggie recipes. is the link incorrect?


Thursday 2nd of January 2020

fixed! sorry about that!

Janine Huldie

Wednesday 1st of January 2020

What a great resource for meal planning and have pinned to use int he new year now for meal planning here. Thanks and Happy 2020 now, Nellie!! :)