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5 Amazing Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

by Nellie

5 Amazing Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

A few weeks ago when I was in Las Vegas for the IDEA World Convention I got the chance to interview the famous Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins! She is now a STRONG by Zumba instructor (pics are from the class we took!) and I asked her for her best 5 fitness tips for moms like us!

5 Awesome Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Me: If you could give 5 tips to moms looking to find time for fitness…what would they be?


  1. Strong By Zumba gives you results in a super short amount of time. High Intensity training is perfect for moms because they usually have a short amount of time to workout. You are definitely going to get results and you aren’t going to waste your time. Even though {Strong By Zumba} is a 55 minute class, even if a mom came in and could only do 30 minutes, it would still be super effective.
  2. I recommend that all moms get involved with a program that is FUN. There is a higher chance that you will stick with it! Get involved with Strong By Zumba.5 Awesome Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins
  3. Surround yourself with a supportive environment. It is so much fun when you work out with like minded folks. It may be tough, but you struggle together—the community support helps you to return again and again.
  4. Really understand and love the strength of your body. The fact that you were able to get through giving birth is a huge accomplishment. Simply making it to the gym and taking a class is also a huge accomplishment. When you remove the aesthetic portion of it, just getting to the gym and working out is a natural high. The endorphins help you to feel great about yourself. That is another reason why I love this style of training—because you are constantly riding the endorphin high after you are done and taking the it through the rest of the day.5 Awesome Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins
  5. Scheduling is important: It’s really important to schedule your appointments and KEEP them for yourself. Realize that things are going to come up but you NEED to workout to facilitate you being a better mom. Put yourself first sometimes, by scheduling a workout and not missing it. If Johnny forgets his lunch, still keep your appointment. Johnny won’t forget his lunch the next day. I train a lot of moms, and when it’s time to workout their kids are no where in sight. The kids are constantly trying to get in the way but the moms do a great job of not falling for it. Your health as a mom is the most important health of the entire family. You can’t put yourself last.5 Awesome Fitness Tips For Moms From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Me: Your Partnership with Zumba…what attracted you to partner with such an amazing brand?

Jeanette: The first thing was the reverse engineered music. This was super unique because I have done pretty much everything in this industry and I’ve never seen any company invest the money that is required to create incredible music and be able to own the music and make it super effective.

Once I tried it I was so excited about the class, I had never been so excited to finish 10 burpees before. I just wanted to follow all the moves—my legs were burning—but I loved hearing the sound effects. 

The choreography is also very well designed. I come from a exercise physiology background, and knowing that the class was well designed was very important to me. I’ve been teaching for so long and to see so much creativity in one class. Meeting people on the team, seeing that there was a education department, and an art department—it’s so much more than one person can do. I love to share my powers with a company that works as hard as I do.

How often do you recommend Strong By Zumba?

I recommend taking the class at least 3 times a week, if you are more advanced, 4. This is High Intensity Interval Training so the body needs ample time to recover. You can alternate class with other forms of exercise like regular Zumba, Long distance training and more.

Check out more about Jeanette at her website The Hollywood Trainer!

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Have you ever tried STRONG By Zumba? What did you think of Jeanette’s tips??

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Allie August 21, 2017 - 6:12 am

This looks and sounds like something I would absolutely LOVE! Great info and tips from her because if it’s not fun, you’re definitely not going to stick with it!

Kita August 21, 2017 - 8:05 am

Great tips! She is a beast and I follow her on social media to get some awesome tips about working out

Janine Huldie August 21, 2017 - 8:24 am

Awesome interview and enjoyed learning her thoughts here, especially how many times a week she recommends doing Zumba, as well! Thanks Nellie for sharing 🙂

Tamara August 21, 2017 - 8:54 pm

I haven’t, but it’s still my dream. I think I’d be a great ZUMBA student!
I love this wisdom!

MANDIE BRICE August 22, 2017 - 1:44 pm

I still need to try this workout – sounds so fun! I am not a zumba person, but the idea of this variation appeals to me quite a bit!


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