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A week from today I will officially be a Zumba instructor.

Oh em gee!

It really seems like just yesterday I realized with certain clarity that I wanted to teach Zumba, to women who are just like me women who love to dance and have a good time and just have fun for 45 minutes.

With this license I want to teach Zumba in local facilities, I want to make working out easy ūüôā I don’t want people to feel intimidated by an expensive gym membership…I’m even willing to volunteer to teach for charity (you hear that universe?) I just want to do it for the (Zumba) love.

I will.

I am beyond excited.

Am I nervous? Of course!! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t doubt myself, doubt my abilities, doubt my body type.

I pretty much wonder if I am going to be the “biggest” one there or the “curviest”, will I get all the moves? Will I be the real deal?

Then I tap into the why.

I want this because I love it, because when I think about what I want to do with it the happy light turns on inside of me. When I realized that I was willing to do it for free to help others?

There was no more doubt.

A few weeks ago I had the easier of taking a advanced class by an amazing instructor Irena Meletiou

Isn’t she amazing?

I could barely keep up but I also saw the power of Zumba. My favorite Instructor, Sarah, has been gracious enough to teach me what I’m doing right and wrong, I am forever grateful for that!

Am I a bag of nerves? Yes! Will I face this head on? Absolutely.

This is me, stepping into my passion. Bring it.

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Savvy Working Gal January 27, 2013 - 12:11 am

I love Zumba. I remember the first classes I took – it was a cold snowy winter about 5 years ago – I would go to class in the worst mood. Sliding around on our slippery Wisconsin highways after a lousy day at work and I would leave in the best of moods. It was worth it – like I had escaped to a tropical vacation for an hour. Good luck with your certification – you will be amazing.


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