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Fun at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Fun at The Brooklyn’s Children Museum

Brooklyn Children's Museum-2458

For the first time ever, I had off on New Year’s Eve! This hasn’t happened in 9 years so I was super excited. The thing was, my husband had to work. So instead of entering into a full blown panic because I have no idea how to keep two kids entertained for an entire day. I’m not crafty and they chance of them driving me absolutely nuts was very, very high.SAMSUNG CSC

So I called my blogger friend–turned real life friend and we got the kids together (two of her three are the same ages as my boys) to go to the museum! We hadn’t been to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in a while so we were excited to see all the changes.Brooklyn Children's Museum-2467 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2469

The kids all gravitated towards the water, every display that had water in it, had the boys hands in it too!Brooklyn Children's Museum-2540

We made our way over to the sand where the boys spent a good hour hanging out. They created castles, buried the toys and of course got sand all over themselves! This was a magical kind of sand though, the kind that just slides off clothes and socks. If only real sand were so easy to get rid of!Brooklyn Children's Museum-2495 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2489 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2482 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2487

Next we went over to the building blocks lab where we spent a lot of time building tall buildings, homes and all kinds of random shapes!


Brooklyn Children's Museum-2575

We had lunch after all of this where we shared snacks and Scherrie had pity enough to give me half of her sandwich because of course I had prepared food for the kids but didn’t bring not even a bit for myself. #PerfectPlaydatePartner

Finally we made our way to the a section dedicated to Korean culture–it was my favorite part of the day. It was incredible. There were so many food plates that looked so scrumptious it was a shame that they were fake! I learned a lot about K-Pop (just really that it’s completely awesome). And I learned so much about Korean culture like did you know that Koreans don’t label the 4th floor because in their language 4 sounds like death? Whoa.Brooklyn Children's Museum-2621 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2613 Brooklyn Children's Museum-2611

We had an amazing time and I surprised myself with my parenting skills–you know feeding them and making sure we got home on public transportation safely? Super hard things like that. I think I might be building more confidence in myself when it comes to taking these kids out and surviving. 🙂

Brooklyn Children's Museum-2652

SAMSUNG CSCWhen is the last time you went to a museum? Have you mastered all the tricks of riding solo with the kids?


Thursday 7th of January 2016

I grew up in Brooklyn not too far from this museum (Eastern Parkway!). I remember going every year on school trips, so I was excited to see the external renovations that occurred several years ago. After a long hiatus, I actually went to the Natural History Museum last year with my daughter. We had a great time, and I was quickly reminded of how much I loved these field trips. This is definitely an option I will utilize on those days when she's home from school!


Thursday 7th of January 2016

I was literally just talking to my husband about the Children's Museum (I was referring to the one in Boston but same wavelength!). I was wondering if Cooper would be old enough this summer to check it out. He might still be too young but looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


Thursday 7th of January 2016

That looks like a children's museum we have near us in CT. It has those cool shapes things and sand and water and more. You're like me - I get scared at how to entertain two kids all day. I'm not crafty but I'm really good at taking them places! I always have to remind myself of that when I feel like everyone else is better with my kids than I am.


Thursday 7th of January 2016

What fun! We were gifted a membership to the zoo, which includes winter membership to the local children's museum - the plan is to head there this weekend! Now you've reminded me to bring plenty of snacks for the whole family! And hooray for fantastic playdates!

Janine HulDie

Thursday 7th of January 2016

Looked like so much fun and want to my girls back to the Children's Museum here on Long Island now soon, too ;)