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Weekly Wednesday Workout: Windmill Arm Workout

by Nellie

weekly wednesday workout

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Windmill Arm Workout


Today we are going to work a multitude of  muscles! (I kinda like that phrase–maybe I should change my blog name to “Multitude of Muscles”) Anywho! With this move we work our obliques, our lower back and if you add weights you will be working out your arms as well! I have mentioned many times before about how much my flexibility sucks so when I do this move I may not be able to bend all the way but practice makes perfect! I love that this is a basic move with maximum results. If you choose to use dumb bells I would use something small in the 5lb range.

Have you ever tried the Windmill Arm Workout?

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Allie June 25, 2014 - 5:22 am

Can I buy the rights to “multitude of muscles” from you? This is an excellent move too – if done correctly!
See you tomorrow baby!!!

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 9:32 pm

lol you can certainly use it, I will NOT sue you for copyright!! When I see you I see a multitude for SURE!

Kristina Walters June 25, 2014 - 5:25 am

I do this move without the weights in my P90X Stretch. It’s pretty challenging without the weight. I’m going to have to try it with weights.

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 9:31 pm

its a great move Kris!

Janine Huldie June 25, 2014 - 7:01 am

I think I may actually be able to try these…yay!! Happy Wednesday, Nellie 🙂

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 9:20 pm


Tamara June 25, 2014 - 11:42 am

I have done this, yet! I don’t have a lot of upper body strength, as we talked about! Definitely lower, though!

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 9:17 pm

nice!! I love it when I get folks to try new moves 🙂

Kim June 25, 2014 - 8:46 pm

I love classic moves like this – they always remind me of elementary school PE!

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 8:57 pm

me too Kim!

Leslie June 25, 2014 - 10:03 pm

What an awesome compound workout! I’ve been looking for ways to change up some of my regular moves, and this would be a great replacement for dumbbell side bends. You really do find some of the best exercises!

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 8:46 pm

I like this one too! Thanks girl. Takes some research 🙂 and a lot of luck that I don’t repeat! haha

Brittnei June 27, 2014 - 7:25 pm

I have to say…it wasn’t what I expected. I expected something more like a windmill lol. But the simple ones typically make you the most sore and hurt the most. I can definitely see how it can help with so many areas…the dumbbell makes it that much more interesting!

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 8:14 pm

lol I know what you mean! The dumbbell takes it to the next level for sure!

Stephanie July 2, 2014 - 12:44 pm

This move looks perfect for a troublesome area I’m dealing with right now, and simple enough to do regularly (read: without dreading it!) Going to check out this week’s move now…

Nellie July 3, 2014 - 8:07 pm

awesome, its a great move Steph!


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