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5 Reasons You Should Give Zumba A Try!

by Nellie
Prior to learning meeting the “right” instructor I have always considered Zumba to be a rest day sort of class. The kind that would loosen me up after an extremely heavy lifting session or a hard spin ride.
No more! Zumba is just as intense as the rest of high intensity classes at the gym! The best part is that you can take plenty of classes online right in your home.
As a Zumba instructor for years, I will always have a special place in my heart for Zumba. It’s so empowering and it burns so many calories! Today I’m sharing some easy tips on why you should add Zumba to your workout routine ASAP!

Top 5 reasons why Zumba is so amazing:

1) The Sexy Factor: our instructor had us literally whipping our hair around and shaking our money makers for everything. Throw in some cute workout clothes, a room filled with mirrors and you feel like a million bucks! Where else can you do that? Except in the mirror at home where your kids smirk at you?

2) The music: Zumba will never give you a slow tune. Even with a semi slow salsa tune your hips are still moving and your inner goddess* is glowing. Most tunes are extremely fast paced, fun and just make you feel so goooood when you are dancing (ahem, working out).

*fifty shades of grey reference

3) The do your own thing factor: some steps are easy some steps are like…um can we try that again?! Slowwwwly? But the best part is you can have a blast and burn calories just trying your hardest, as long as you are giving it your all and that heart rate is up, you are golden!

4) The music video factor: somehow being in class dancing all those steps with all these other women made me feel like I was a part of some crazy sexy flash mob! Dancing these high energy sexy moves with everyone else made me feel like a rockstar! So much fun!

5) You actually get a serious workout from it: no, really. I am now a believer. A true believer. I was drenched in 45 minutes, and I do not easily perspire. At one point I was having so much fun that when the song was over and I stopped I had to grab on to my knees and collect myself. (And I call myself an athlete! Smh!)

If you have taken Zumba before and it hasn’t been “all that” then you have not found the right instructor. Keep trying!
You can definitely search youtube for some zumba routines, here are some of my favs:

Have you guys tried Zumba? Is it “all that” for YOU?

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Sherelle September 8, 2014 - 12:47 pm

I’ve participated in a few Zumba classes, and I’ve felt like a sexy vixen during my workout time, and for the rest of the evening ;). The bass in the tracks always get me going, and I love the energy from it! I need to go more often!


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