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It’s hard to believe this foolishness keeps happening.

Heavy heart. Heavy mind.

I can’t say that I understand how hard marathoners work to get to that place but I admire it tremendously. 26.2 is a long long way to go. It is art, a masterpiece really. Tragedies have no place in such events.

Yet, tragedies have no place in towers holding thousands of people. Or in a Connecticut classroom. Or in a movie theater. Or many other places that don’t get news coverage.

I volunteered for the ING marathon years ago, I was nothing short of inspired. Where i was stationed On mile 13 there were those whose stride would not be stopped, those who were begging for a medic, or water, or both. I saw first hand what determination looked like in human form. I was excited to play my small and very insignificant role in their race.

It was art. It was a masterpiece.

As a person who has run many races and aspire to be a better runner, I hope the spirit is not broken forever.

#prayforboston today.

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