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The One Where The Eldest Turns 8.

by Nellie
I know I say every single year that I’m not ready for my kids to grow up.

But it’s true, SO true. Probably more true now more than ever.

Josh is now 8 years old. He is incredibly handsome, intuitive, inquisitive, and a complete handful most days. He’s also my little bestie, the kid that tells me how gorgeous I am even when I feel like an ugly duck. Or the child that runs to clear my plate as soon as I have taken my last bite. The one that draws pictures either of me or for me on a daily basis. He has a firm grip on his mama, and it is SO hard yet so exciting to watch him find his own way in this world.

I am very much into birthday parties because as an only child, my mom made sure I had a birthday party EVERY single year. We had very elaborate birthdays in the basement of our home and it was ALWAYS a good time. I feel like I need to keep up now that I have children of my own.

The Art Party

I was all over the place trying to figure out how to celebrate the 8th birthday. We had done so many different themes in the past from gymnastics, to bowling, to Chuck E. Cheese. The insane thing is that we go to a lot of parties every year and the last thing we want to do is repeat so it’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out where to hold a party.
I found Art Studio in Brooklyn via Google. Josh is an artist by nature, he loves everything from painting, to sketching to all of it. This place was like a Paint and Sip for children, they would paint for an hour and have cake and pizza for the second hour.

To be honest, it was a LOT nicer than I expected. I went in a little blind, I had never been to this place before but the Yelp reviews were decent so I decided to roll the dice. When we arrived there was a cute little sign with the birthday boy’s name on it, which made him SO excited.

Fun with Olaf

I had chosen for the kids to do Olaf and when we arrived Olaf had been pre sketched onto each canvas. Pretty brilliant. All the kids had to do was paint.

For the most part the kids did a great job of following directions. The best part was that the teachers would “fix” any mistakes and make the paintings look fantastic. Which was good because I was hella worried for a sec. 🙂


I got a photo cake done at Lorde’s Bakery for Josh and I absolutely loved the way it turned out. It was beautiful.

He requested a red velvet cake specifically and I am happy to report that it was delish. Some people don’t know how to do red velvet but this was a good one. Worth every penny.

I am REALLY happy with how the party turned out. It was better than I had imagined and went crazy smoothly. I was even able to giveaway the tons of new toys we had from Toy Fair! We have SO many toys in my house it feels like we are drowning so it was nice to give them away (and declutter my house a bit!).

Do you celebrate every birthday differently or do you repeat themes? What is your favorite type of birthday cake?

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Allie March 13, 2017 - 5:55 am

And every year your son turns the exact age mine will be in just a few weeks! How is it possible?? Love your sweet boy and that party looks so fun and so different from the usual. Good for you mama!!! And, did someone say “red velvet?” yes, please!
Happy Birthday Josh! Now stop growing!!! 🙂

Janine Huldie March 13, 2017 - 6:58 am

My oldest also will be 8 in July now and keep saying he same, as well about where has the time actually gone so far! We also did an art party, but for her 7th birthday party last year, which was a total hit, too. I think we are toying with a movie night party in our backyard this year in all honesty. But still debating this one though. Happy 8th Birthday to Josh and seriously loved his Olaf paintings!!! 🙂

kita bryant March 13, 2017 - 3:02 pm

I only do the milestones 1, 5, 10, 16, 21 and then they are on their own. I have get togethers with their friends for the in betweens but I only go all out for those birthdays and if I didn’t we will slip in one for the next year. I never had a birthday party for my daughter so I had her first one at 7 so she won’t get another til 10 my son had one 5 but I skipped 10 so I may do a small one at 12. I usually get their cakes made by a baker here in town but I like to shop around i don’t do the store cakes for birthdays I like to go all out and at least get them something not store bought

Tamara March 13, 2017 - 5:21 pm

Look at the look of concentration on his face while he works on Olaf! It’s gorgeous! He is so gorgeous.
And we do themed parties, and I’m sure we’ll repeat Star Wars a lot..


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