When 2 Passions Intersect + An Announcement!


Zumba vs. Running A few times during my race last Sunday I asked myself: “Self. Why do you do this running thing? You are not a natural runner by any means. You are not a gazelle, and in fact 98% of the running world thinks that you are slow. Why even bother?” my answer was […]

Aqua Zumba

aqua zumba review

Aqua Zumba Review My girl Kia and I are huge Urban Girl Squad fans. The UGS brings together professional women in their 20s and 30s for fun events that range from wine tasting parties, to uh–adult education parties, to boxing, running, you name it! You may remember the fun networking event that I attended last […]

Friday Fitness Check In: Bootcamp Suggestions and a Holiday Burn


With the upcoming holidays I got the brilliant idea to host a turkey Zumba. What is a turkey Zumba? Glad you asked because I completely made this one up! Tomorrow morning I will be teaching my usual Zumba class except I am adding a nice 30 minute boot camp at the end to hopefully do a nice […]