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Interview With Ruben Studdard on Life After Biggest Loser & His New Album!

one on one interview with reuben studdard

I LOVE the Biggest Loser, I have the only crush on one of the trainers and I am a big fan of the transformations (when done in a healthy way of course!) So when one of my favorite R&B singers Ruben Studdard was on the show it was a perfect combination for me! I was [Read On]

FlyWheel Sports: Not Your Ordinary Spin Class!


In an effort to mark something else off  my Fitness bucket list for 2014, I decided one day to attend a FlyWheel class, I had heard so many great things from other bloggers and I know people who are full on obsessed with these classes! I really wanted to see how these classes were compared [Read On]

Announcing A Healthy U Conference!

a healthy u conference

I am so excited to share some exciting news with you today! For the last 4 months myself as well as my fantastic friends Cassandre and Kimberly have been planning an event for women focused on sisterhood, wellness and healthy living. When Cassandre approached me about this amazing idea, I was sold. In NYC there [Read On]

Vidergize – New Online Fitness Service

vidergize new online fitness company

One of the main reasons why I blog and why I put all of my blood, sweat and tears into this is because I really and strongly believe that all women can find time for fitness. We are all crazy busy and we all have different things that require our time, but finding time for [Read On]

The Bathroom Scale Is A Liar – I Hit Goal Dress Size!


Happy Tuesday! Last week Friday for the Friday Fitness Check In I talked about 5 ways you can stay mentally engaged in your journey. I have been feeling so mentally out of it, and I have been going through the motions of working out but not really believing in myself to get to my goals. [Read On]

5 Ways to Stay Mentally Engaged In Your Healthy Living Goals

brand (2)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Fitness Check-in! I am happy to be back. For the past 4 weeks I have been really busy. Like, being pulled in every single direction type of busy. Although being busy is the norm around here, (hence the whole point of the blog) something happened during [Read On]

Parkinson’s Disease: Why Exercise Is One Of The Best Treatments

Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending a lunch to promote the awareness of the benefits of exercise on the Parkinson’s disease. The event was hosted by the wonderful Carol Walton and Amy Lemen who are excellent advocates for the disease. Parkinsons is becoming an increasingly prevalent disease, more and more people [Read On]

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