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Interview With Rosie Pope & Caring For Your Child’s Dental Health

Interview With Rosie Pope & Caring For Your Child’s Dental Health When my eldest boy was one, he woke up one morning with swollen gums. I, of course, freaked out, wondering why on earth his gums of all things would be swollen? Was it something he ate? Why was it showing up in his mouth [Read On]

Welch’s Frozen Fruit: A Yummy Healthy Snack Alternative!

  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Welch’s. All opinions and stories are my own. I’ve heard legendary talk about boys and their appetites. Usually I hear things like “these boys eat me out of house and home” or “they have bottomless stomachs” or my personal favorite from my mom: “I’ll pay for [Read On]

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: B. Teepee & Magnetic Alphabet

 Holiday Gift Guide 2013: B. Teepee & Magnetic Alphabet When it comes to Christmas  gifts,  I know my limitations.  When it comes to finding gifts for people (outside of my kids who point at a TV or catalog and say “Ooh Mommy! I want That!”) I just can’t  it causes me all sorts of stress [Read On]

Halloween BAM Style

Halloween BAM Style All summer long my boys have been freaking out over anything that was Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The preschooler has the book bag,  the folder, the pencils, bubble blower – – I can go on and on! So it was a no brainer when I went to get their costumes what they [Read On]

That is DEFINITELY My Kid.

This post was inspired by The Dinner, a novel by Herman Koch. Two brothers and their wives sit down for a tension filled dinner to discuss a tragedy that can change both families’ lives forever. Join From Left to Write on October 29 as we discuss The Dinner.  As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes. One thing that [Read On]

Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play

When I first saw the advertising for Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day Of Play that was going to be happening in my own borough, I was intrigued. I mean, my 4 year old was going to LOVE this, it was  no brainer to go! I logged on to get tickets for the event a few days after [Read On]

He said: “Bye Mommy”

Remember when we talked about how I barely could manage sending my son to preschool? Well, a few weeks later after that post, I got a letter saying that we had been rejected from all three of our local schools (including one three blocks away) due to overcrowding. At first, I wasn’t terribly devastated.  The [Read On]

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