Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration 10k Race Recap


  Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration 10k Race Recap After running my first official 10k at Run 10 Feed 10 last month the pressure was off for this race because all I really wanted to do was have a good time in the streets of Brooklyn–which is actually a general statement that can be made about me […]

Run 10 Feed 10 10k Race Recap w/ Team Chocolate Milk

run 10 feed 10 nyc Race recap

About a week before I got to FitBloggin 14, I realized with some help from a blog friend that some small part of me actually likes running. So when Team Got Chocolate Milk, one of the sponsors, approached me about joining the team and running the Run 10 Feed 10 10k race in September I […]

BAM Half Marathon Training: My Support System


My Support System If I had half a penny for every person that asks me “How do you do it all?” or “Where do you find the time?” or my favorite “Do you sleep?!” I have always known that I was born to be busy. Sitting still doesn’t feel normal to me. If I had […]

BAM Half Training: Run 10 Feed 10, Food Research & Costumes


Whew,  so this week was tough. Last Saturday I completed my long run of 8 miles on the treadmill in Philadelphia while I was there for Women Get Social. It was hard, but I got through it with the help re-watching of the movie Temptation and the strong WIFI! Netflix and I go together. My […]

5 Tips For New Runners (From An Old One!)

5 tips for new runners

Today you guys have a super special treat! Allie from is my sissy from another missy AND she is an incredible athlete! Her story inspires me to run forever. Today she is sharing some critically important tips for new runners.  :) Enjoy. 5 Tips For New Runners (From An Old One!) Yes, I’m old…in […]