5 Tips For New Runners (From An Old One!)

5 tips for new runners

Today you guys have a super special treat! Allie from VITAtrain4life.com is my sissy from another missy AND she is an incredible athlete! Her story inspires me to run forever. Today she is sharing some critically important tips for new runners.  :) Enjoy. 5 Tips For New Runners (From An Old One!) Yes, I’m old…in […]

No Sleep + Allergies = The McCarren Park 5k Recap

mccarren park 5k

The Saturday after I got to go on a date with Denzel Washington I woke up and ran the McCarren Park 5k. The night before however was exceptionally eventful. Unfortunately I have a foreclosed house across the street from me that has been transformed to a party house. The noise from the unbelievably loud party […]