UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Race Recap


Before I get into how this race went I need to give a lot of background on some of the things that happened right before this race. The week before A Healthy U Conference Final Crunch Week: between selling tickets and finalizing everything with the team, well, ish was cray.  My 3 yo flushed the […]

Women’s MORE/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon Race Recap


I was completely relaxed about this race, even though I’d heard so many bad things…! “The hills in Central Park are impossible, do them twice? What?” “One time around is enough for me, thanks” “You are going to get so bored doing the loop twice!” Really, even some of the BGR girls refused to do […]

Friday Fitness: #RnRDC, Warmer Temps & GARMIN/Nike+ Teams Up!


Welcome to the Friday Fitness Check in! I have had a really good week, awesome workouts, yummy foods and some awesome experiences! Let’s get to it! Monday: Bodypump Tuesday: 15 minutes elliptical 5 minutes row machine 20 min strength training (Morning) 30 second workout demo with Adam Roseau (evening–more on that on Monday!) Wednesday: 4 […]