Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish


Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish. So I wanted to share a bunch of random things going on that don’t belong in one subject post. I narrowed the billion to 10. You won’t believe this stuff, actually…you will. 10) While shoveling snow outside I walked head first into my wall air conditioner. Most specifically […]

When Did Big Booties Become So Popular?


    When did Big Booties Become So Popular? We have all seen the constant imagery of big round derrieres infiltrating our social media feeds, televisions and especially our reality shows. All of a sudden it is the in thing to have a big round bottom. Men are losing their minds and money over them […]

How to Easily Wrap A Wine Bottle

how to easily wrap a wine bottle

How to easily wrap a wine bottle I learned a really cool technique for wrapping bottles at the momtrends event. It was so perfect and so easy that I had to share it with you guys!! The best part about it is that you can do it for the holidays, dinner parties, birthday parties you […]

What’s In A Name?

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One day when I was a young girl I asked my mom why on earth did she name me Schnelle? I mean all of my friends names were amazing. I was friends with a lot of Taras, Kims, Brittanys and a whole lot of Lisas. (Yes to the 80s babies!!) So I couldn’t understand why […]

A Couple Of Reasons To Applaud Mankind


There are so many horrendous things that we hear on the news, from the shootings to explosions, you name it, the news has been so awful lately. It almost seems as if the news tries to out do itself every single night. The things that happen today are almost normal—a few decades ago a lot […]