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Easter Recap & A Weekend Recovery


How was your Easter holiday weekend? My was purposely low key since I had a very trying week last week with the kids on Spring Break! I actually was able to sleep in…wait for it…3 days in a row! My husband had mercy on me and took off Friday to help me take care of [Read On]

My Boy Turned 5 & We Showed Our #DisneySide!

disney side

My baby turned 5 last week. Despite all of the anxiety that is wrapped up in this milestone number I managed to get through his actual birthday without crying profusely or falling to my knees in a panic wondering WHERE did my baby go?! I decided to be an adult for once. I hugged him [Read On]

What I Did For My Birthday May Shock You


OK maybe it’s not that shocking. I got the brilliant idea after trying to figure out how I was going to conquer my Fitness Bucket List. My birthday was rapidly approaching and I wanted to celebrate it, but how on earth would I combine the two? Then I got a genius idea, and made it [Read On]

Getting Ready For The Big Game with Duane Reade! #DRBigGame


There is a crazy amount of excitement in the air because The Big Game is coming to the Big Apple! I am personally super excited because that means an unlimited amount of great events happening all around the city. There are so many parties and cool things that are happening for the big game but [Read On]

The One Where Baby Turns Two In A Snowstorm


  Posting this after the new year is actually quite symbolic of a December birthday, they  tend to get buried in the holiday crazy.  My baby turned two a couple of weeks ago,  we celebrated but it wasn’t without its challenges. Last year,  for the baby’s first birthday party 3 out of the 4 of [Read On]

2013 Year In Review


Seems like every year we  talk about how fast time has gone by,  and we look forward with great anticipation for the new year. Today I wanted to do something a little different. I am going to recap the highlights of 2013 today, not every moment was perfect–but it was a really amazing year for [Read On]

Party Planning & Facebook Annoyances

photo (97)

Partytime How was your weekend y’all? It got all cold again in NYC. I mean, why does mother nature tease us with 61 degrees on Monday then drop it by 30 degrees on Saturday?! It’s crazy! I started of the weekend teaching my Zumba class of course, and I won’t lie, I had a blast. [Read On]

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