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The Tutu Controversy aka Why There Is A Silver Lining In Every Cloud


Yesterday there was an article that went completely viral in the health and fitness arena–and the reaction was epic. Monika Allen was approached by Self Magazine for permission to use her photo (above) in the magazine. She of course replied yes, (who wouldn’t?! I would jump Allover the opportunity to be printed in one of [Read On]

A Couple Of Reasons To Applaud Mankind


There are so many horrendous things that we hear on the news, from the shootings to explosions, you name it, the news has been so awful lately. It almost seems as if the news tries to out do itself every single night. The things that happen today are almost normal—a few decades ago a lot [Read On]

Why the “I’m a Girl” Campaign Rocks


Mayor Bloomberg recently launched a campaign called “I’m a girl” targeted for girls 7-12 years old that gives positive affirmations of body image and self esteem. The ads are currently all over NYC subways and buses and they primarily boast messages that young girls should love themselves the way they are.   Personally, I wish [Read On]



It’s hard to believe this foolishness keeps happening. Heavy heart. Heavy mind. I can’t say that I understand how hard marathoners work to get to that place but I admire it tremendously. 26.2 is a long long way to go. It is art, a masterpiece really. Tragedies have no place in such events. Yet, tragedies [Read On]

Lights Out: This Year’s Superbowl Was SO Good!


The SuperBowl gave me everything I needed: drama, action, lights out, entertainment and yes it gave me the DUTTY wine. The football game: It was a really good game! I was pulling for the ravens–not because I am a ravens fan–but rather because I like what the ravens stand for, hard work, tough defense and [Read On]

Shoutout to Beyonce


  As I watched ms Beyonce enter the inauguration ceremony, I couldn’t help but reflect on how excited and proud I am I her. With so many women out there acting the fool and representing black women in a negative way, Beyonce never has given us a bad day (or a bad performance). It’s obvious [Read On]

Tyler Perry’s Temptation Trailer…Someone Pass Me A Church Fan


  Remember when Kim Kardashian had her crazy wedding and stayed married for less than 72 days? Yeah. During that time, my boy Tyler Perry took a lot of heat for giving her a role in his upcoming movie Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. For some reason, I thought it STARRED Kim, but it doesn’t!  [Read On]

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