My Mom Is My Superhero


Today we continue with my favorite flashback posts! I loved sharing this story a couple years ago so it was a no brainer to share again today. Enjoy! Ever sit down and a memory arises that fills you up and warms you up like your favorite blanket? I am an only child, my mom has […]

Does Your Child Have A Learning Disability?


Last week I was invited to a luncheon to discuss children’s learning disabilities. I was very intrigued with this topic. Although I didn’t have a learning disability growing up I knew many kids that did. Back in my day in the Brooklyn public school system, if you weren’t getting it right away you would often […]

Top 20 Most Wanted Toys of the 2014 Holiday Season

Top 20 most  wanted toys 204

It’s November! You know what that means. Christmas decorations will start appearing very quickly, Thanksgiving will be shamelessly overshadowed and before we can catch our breath we will be making more New Year’s Pledges. Today I am sharing the top 20 hottest toys from Time To Play Magazine, I personally have A LOT of kids […]

A Halloween Spooktacular at citibabes!


It’s Halloween! Don’t worry, there won’t be any spookiness today on the blog because, well, let’s face it. I’m a scaredy cat! I will share about the wonderful time I had at the Halloween Spooktacular at Citibabes located in downtown Manhattan. Choosing costumes this year wasn’t as easy as last year, I made the crazy […]

DHA in a Toddler’s Diet + A Giveaway

enfagrow can

Shocker: My kid is a picky eater. However, this post is  sponsored by Enfagrow My toddler like most toddlers is quite the picky eater. Sometimes he wants all the food in the world and other times he picks at his food refusing to take a bite.  Meanwhile the food that he doesn’t want is usually […]

Bullying In Kindergarten?

Bullying In Kindergarten-

Bullying in Kindergarten? One of the hardest parts about being a full time working mommy outside the home was that I was unable to make a lot of “mommy” friends in my son’s preschool. Since he had to be at school a 9am, a lot of the mommies became friends with my husband or my […]