DHA in a Toddler’s Diet + A Giveaway

enfagrow can

Shocker: My kid is a picky eater. However, this post is  sponsored by Enfagrow My toddler like most toddlers is quite the picky eater. Sometimes he wants all the food in the world and other times he picks at his food refusing to take a bite.  Meanwhile the food that he doesn’t want is usually […]

Bullying In Kindergarten?

Bullying In Kindergarten-

Bullying in Kindergarten? One of the hardest parts about being a full time working mommy outside the home was that I was unable to make a lot of “mommy” friends in my son’s preschool. Since he had to be at school a 9am, a lot of the mommies became friends with my husband or my […]

The Power of the Boy Child


A few months ago when I attended BlogHer, I visited a booth by the band The Mrs. who debuted a song called “I’m enough”. The song is amazing, makes you feel good and I really couldn’t have thought of a better place to premiere it than with 3000+ plus blogging women. Their booth had a […]