Sweet Suite 2014

sweet suite 2014

Way back when I attended BlogHer in 2012 there were so many parties, but the one party that everyone wanted a ticket to was Sweet Suite. Fortunately for me Sweet Suite 2014 was held in my backyard in NYC and I was fortunate enough for the invite! When I walked in I could see what […]

A Bestie Trip To Coney Island Beach


Friendship is precious. When you find a friend that you can give your entire heart to without an ounce of reservation you should do all you can to nurture that relationship. Last week my best friend and I decided to take a full day off from work and spend it with each other. Although we […]

Getting Creative with Amazon Studios New Series Creative Galaxy

amazon prime creative galaxy

Amazon does it again! Remember when I shared about the new Tumble Leaf series for preschoolers that promotes outdoor play? Amazon Studios has created another brand new series geared towards promoting creativity. Creative Galaxy is a new cartoon that helps kids to find their inner artists. The event was held after work so I wasn’t […]