Family Blogger Day in Coney Island!


Family Blogger Day in Coney Island! When you think about Brooklyn, what comes to mind? It may be different for someone who was born and raised here, but most people think about Coney Island. A theme park right at the edge of the concrete jungle with fun rides, yummy food (hello Nathan’s!) and a decent […]

What Do You Do With Your Kids Artwork?


My eldest boy is an artist. Like most other children my son takes the most pleasure in drawing every single day. We have dozens of boxes of crayons in every room of the house, markers, paint, color pencils–you name it WE GOT IT! He loves drawing me especially usually with an “I love you Mommy” […]

Do You Know The Power Of Your Influence?


I am an only child and the Lord knows I would be lonely so He gave me a huge abundance of girl (and boy) cousins that I simply adore. One of those cousins in my older cousin Renae. When I was younger she was the cousin I wanted to be–she is 8 years older than me […]