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Brooklyn Baby and Family Expo – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

I love a good baby event. Maybe it’s the abundance of itsy bitsy new babies being pushed around in carriages. Or maybe it’s the itsy bitsy babies wrapped tightly to their mommy’s chest. Maybe I like being around all the expectant moms. There is a certain power when babies are around, and there was no [Read On]

Tooth Brushing Made Easy With Oral-B Disney Timer App! #ProHealthKids

This paid post is brought to you by the new free Oral-B Disney Timer App as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. A few weeks ago I shared the importance of keeping up with your pediatric dentist appointments in my interview with Parenting expert Rosie Pope. As parents we have the responsibility to [Read On]

My Boy Turned 5 & We Showed Our #DisneySide!

My baby turned 5 last week. Despite all of the anxiety that is wrapped up in this milestone number I managed to get through his actual birthday without crying profusely or falling to my knees in a panic wondering WHERE did my baby go?! I decided to be an adult for once. I hugged him [Read On]

Kid City Stores: Children’s Fashion $100 Challenge

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t shop often for the kids. I am an unapologetic season shopper. Once in a while when I am perusing the interwebs, I buy one or two items, but I only shop intentionally maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Plus it really helps to have two kids that are [Read On]

Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish

Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish. So I wanted to share a bunch of random things going on that don’t belong in one subject post. I narrowed the billion to 10. You won’t believe this stuff, actually…you will. 10) While shoveling snow outside I walked head first into my wall air conditioner. Most specifically [Read On]

The One With The Unruly Hair

The One With The Unruly Hair Somewhere deep down in my heart when I was in my late teens, I realized that my high school boyfriend was going to be my husband. This meant babies! In my head we would have 3 little girls and we would sit around all day having multiple tea parties [Read On]

The One Where Baby Turns Two In A Snowstorm

  Posting this after the new year is actually quite symbolic of a December birthday, they  tend to get buried in the holiday crazy.  My baby turned two a couple of weeks ago,  we celebrated but it wasn’t without its challenges. Last year,  for the baby’s first birthday party 3 out of the 4 of [Read On]

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