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The Bathroom Scale Is A Liar – I Hit Goal Dress Size!


Happy Tuesday! Last week Friday for the Friday Fitness Check In I talked about 5 ways you can stay mentally engaged in your journey. I have been feeling so mentally out of it, and I have been going through the motions of working out but not really believing in myself to get to my goals. [Read On]

Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish


Grab Your Coffee, It’s Time To Dish. So I wanted to share a bunch of random things going on that don’t belong in one subject post. I narrowed the billion to 10. You won’t believe this stuff, actually…you will. 10) While shoveling snow outside I walked head first into my wall air conditioner. Most specifically [Read On]

The One With The Ignorant Conversation About Martin Luther King


You guys know that I love to keep it light around here, but bear with me as I get a little heavy. On Friday evening as I was packing up my personal items to leave work, I overheard a conversation in the next cubicle. Woman: “I can’t  believe we have Monday off. I can’t believe [Read On]

Party Planning & Facebook Annoyances

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Partytime How was your weekend y’all? It got all cold again in NYC. I mean, why does mother nature tease us with 61 degrees on Monday then drop it by 30 degrees on Saturday?! It’s crazy! I started of the weekend teaching my Zumba class of course, and I won’t lie, I had a blast. [Read On]

DVR Overload, Greek Yogurt & Social Media Done Gone Crazy.


It’s Saturday people! We are halfway through with NaBloPoMo and going strong! It’s been a while since we discussed absolutely random items,  so bump the deep blog post and let’s chat it up shall we? DVR I think my DVR is going explode soon. I am backed up on my favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy [Read On]

Am I Being Too Sensitive?


I totally had something else planned for today, but I had a little situation yesterday and I was curious about what you all thought about it, because your opinions matter to me. I woke up yesterday morning not wanting to do anything. Like nothing at all. The preschooler went to bed past midnight and the [Read On]

He said: “Bye Mommy”

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Remember when we talked about how I barely could manage sending my son to preschool? Well, a few weeks later after that post, I got a letter saying that we had been rejected from all three of our local schools (including one three blocks away) due to overcrowding. At first, I wasn’t terribly devastated.  The [Read On]

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