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Understanding Twitter Analytics

Are you a fan of twitter? Twitter is my BFF. I mean, where else can you share your random thoughts with the world and get lost in random hashtags? Oh that’s right. Facebook. At least with twitter you only have 140 characters to say what you need to say, so you better be creative! I [Read On]

Why I Blog aka BAM State Of The Union

This blogging  world changes with the wind. One day it’s all about the content, the next it’s all about the page views. I’ve noticed a lot of crazy things happening on the web lately, and I just want to clear up a few things because I really don’t want folks to get the wrong impression [Read On]

NYC Fit Brunch!

Last weekend I was invited to a brunch at the home of one of my favorite bloggers, Margo from BrooklynFitChick. I first met Margo at Fitbloggin 13 (I still think it’s crazy that I met so many people from NYC and Brooklyn all the way across the country in Portland OR!) and she was an [Read On]

The One Where I Reveal All My Secrets

OK OK I am only revealing all of which is asked of me! Michelle from A Dish Of Daily Life is my Ask Away Friday partner this week and I’m dishing it all! (get my little play on words?) I met Michelle last May in NYC and she is one of my favorite bloggers! One [Read On]

Party Planning & Facebook Annoyances

Partytime How was your weekend y’all? It got all cold again in NYC. I mean, why does mother nature tease us with 61 degrees on Monday then drop it by 30 degrees on Saturday?! It’s crazy! I started of the weekend teaching my Zumba class of course, and I won’t lie, I had a blast. [Read On]

DVR Overload, Greek Yogurt & Social Media Done Gone Crazy.

It’s Saturday people! We are halfway through with NaBloPoMo and going strong! It’s been a while since we discussed absolutely random items,  so bump the deep blog post and let’s chat it up shall we? DVR I think my DVR is going explode soon. I am backed up on my favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy [Read On]

Where Do You Write?

Writers take their writing space seriously. Similar to artists and photographers that have their own studios, writers are super particular about where they decide to lay their words down. One of the prompts for NaBloPoMo is: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?   Most folks will say that [Read On]

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