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I think I Found my Side Hustle!

    Earlier this year, I participated in the #31dayreset by It was a really good experience, it made me look inwards and outwards with a new point of view and attitude about how I want to live my life. I set new goals, I had plenty of “a-ha” moments and I vowed to [Read On]

31 Day Reset: Day 12, 13 &14: Life Narrative, Time Assessment & Time Audit

For the Month of January I will be doing/blogging the #31DayReset over @ Day 12: Your ideal life narrative is basically you telling a story about the life you want for yourself. It answers questions like: § What are you doing on a daily basis in your ideal life? § Who are you spending [Read On]

31DayReset Day 10 &11: Find and Accountability Partner & Lizard Brain

I am now up to Day 10 & 11 of the 31DayReset Challenege that I am participating in from The exercises have helped me examine if I am doing the best possible in all areas of my life. Day 10 Estimated Time to Complete: Varies Today’s assignment is to find an accountability partner – [Read On]

31DayReset Day 9: Rest, Reflect & Comment

For the Month of January I will be doing/blogging the #31DayReset over @ Day 9 Today’s exercise is not related to your everyday to-do list. You are being asked to complete one task that is personally significant to you and your ideal life. This task should help you get started on a specific goal [Read On]

31DayReset Day 8: Rest, Reflect & Comment

Instructions: Today’s exercise is an opportunity for you to rest from all your inner work this week as well as reflect on your learning and share in your fellow participants’ progress over the past few days. Being able to compare and contrast your experiences and offer encouragement to others can be extremely useful as you [Read On]

31DayReset Day 7: Create a Life Map

Continuing on with my 31 Day Challenge from here is Day 7… Today’s Challenge is more visual but writing things out made a load of difference to me! Instructions: Create a version of of a life map involves visualizing (and then putting into writing) EXACTLY what you want your life to look like in [Read On]

31DayReset: Day 4, 5 & 6 — Personal Mission Statement

Day Four: For those new to this blog I have been doing a 21 days Blog/Self Love Challenge called the 31DayReset over @ Instructions for Day 4: Today’s exercise will force you to address that disconnect by doing the first task in developing a personal mission statement over the next three days: identifying your [Read On]

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