8 Must See Items from the New York Baby Show!

8 MUST see items from the New York Baby show

It was my first time at the New York Baby Show, and I was excited! Apparently this is the show for all of the new baby brands and gadgets. Since I know many of you have little babies (and everyone seems to be pregnant these days!) I was ready to see all of the great things […]

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Butterfly Crunch

weekly wednesday workout

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Butterfly Crunch Time for an oldie but a goodie! Although I have been doing this Weekly Wednesday Workout for years now, this is actually the first time I am highlighting the butterfly crunch! I love this move because it’s a great way to switch from the regular crunch. It’s a move that […]

7 Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight

7 Ways to get a Better Sleep Tonight

Sleep. I’ve written about it so many times. When I get 7-8 hours it feels like some sort of rare gift. If I’m not working/cleaning/organizing/maintaining till the wee hours of the morning I have to manage my kids do not have the best sleep habits. I am SO jelly of you parents that have children […]

Family Blogger Day in Coney Island!


Family Blogger Day in Coney Island! When you think about Brooklyn, what comes to mind? It may be different for someone who was born and raised here, but most people think about Coney Island. A theme park right at the edge of the concrete jungle with fun rides, yummy food (hello Nathan’s!) and a decent […]