What Do You Do With Your Kids Artwork?


My eldest boy is an artist. Like most other children my son takes the most pleasure in drawing every single day. We have dozens of boxes of crayons in every room of the house, markers, paint, color pencils–you name it WE GOT IT! He loves drawing me especially usually with an “I love you Mommy” […]

Women’s MORE/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon Race Recap


I was completely relaxed about this race, even though I’d heard so many bad things…! “The hills in Central Park are impossible, do them twice? What?” “One time around is enough for me, thanks” “You are going to get so bored doing the loop twice!” Really, even some of the BGR girls refused to do […]

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Crossover Jacks

weekly wednesday workout

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Crossover Jacks Time to get that heart rate up! Believe it or not I am actually a fan of jumping jacks! Anyone who has taken my Zumba class knows that I love to find ways to incorporate jumping jacks into a song. This is a whole new level of jumping jacks! I […]

5 Ways To Reduce Stress


This post is presented to you by UnitedHealthcare. If I had a nickel for every time one of my girlfriends talked about how stressed out they were I’d be a billionaire. The fact of the matter is–we all have some form of stress in our lives–whether it’s our kids, living situation, spouse, school, job, parents—whatever […]