Guess Who is Friday’s Featured Female?

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Happy Happy Friday!! How was your week? My week was a little crazy full of lots training runs and other cool stuff. If you follow me on instagram and saw my post yesterday you would know what I’m talking about! I am so excited to featured at on Melissa’s blog as her Friday Featured Female! […]

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch

weekly wednesday workout

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch We are always building our muscles but are we taking care of them by stretching? Today I wanted to highlight one of the most forgotten areas when exercising, the hips! I have especially noticed that my hips are super tight after running consistently. When my hips are open […]

Friday Fitness: When The Running Bug Bites


Happy July 4th, but most importantly HAPPY FRIDAY! The running bug bit me. Hard. Ironically enough, my new old love for running came about with a comment from one of my blog friends Kris from Kris On Fitness. She mentioned to me in a comment on my last race post that I should admit that […]

A Bestie Trip To Coney Island Beach


Friendship is precious. When you find a friend that you can give your entire heart to without an ounce of reservation you should do all you can to nurture that relationship. Last week my best friend and I decided to take a full day off from work and spend it with each other. Although we […]