BAM Book Review: Falling Together


  I was in need of a book to read after finishing Those We Love Most by Lee Woodruff for my book club. That book was so good but so incredibly sad so I wanted a story that was just as intriguing without the large sadness. Falling Together did not disappoint. The story grabbed me […]

So wait, my kid is NOT perfect?!

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I’m not sure when I began to realize that my child isn’t perfect…but it has certainly become crystal clear in the past few months. When you are pregnant with your child and even during the early months–everything is perfect about your baby, he coos perfectly, he giggles perfectly, he crawls with perfect precision–even his poop […]

Staying On Track Despite The Holiday Season

no excuses

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I always enjoy spending time with my family but something a out thanksgiving just seems to get more and more special every year. One thing that never changes however is how good the food is, I mean the holiday season is designed to be filled with yummy comfort foods–basically […]

Sunday Favorites #3

Sunday Faves

Life: Zumba: Although I am incredibly sore and I feel like I now need another week to recover…I am so excited to report that I have received my Zumba certification, more to come on a future post because the whole experience was simply amazing. Thanksgiving: I went to two homes, and I ate two whole […]

I Had ALL Intentions of Skipping Black Friday…

black Friday

Dear Black Friday You are so…enticing! Although I swore I wouldn’t be drawn in this year somehow I couldn’t quit you! Although I do think that it’s really silly that Black Friday has now become Black Thursday as well, the deals did not disappoint. I did have the sense to remember that I am not […]