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It’s My Five Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my Five Year Anniversary!! I can’t believe it’s been five years, it really seems like just yesterday that I was on a lean cuisine and oatmeal diet, I was sending passive aggressive emails to my bridesmaids and my mother and I were going through the customary pre-wedding mother daughter wars.I would do it [Read On]

Finding Balance When There Is So Much To Do!

I am a baker. By evening. However, by day I am still a full time account manager. And a mommy. And a wife. And a friend. And… Well you get the picture. It sounds weird to call myself a baker, I mean a few months ago I didn’t even think I could come up with [Read On]

The Cutest Thing You Will See All Week. Guaranteed!

This is so awesome, I just had to share. The cutest thing EVER! Happy Hump Day!

Breaking The Juice Addiction

Have you ever got so used to doing something over and over and one day a light bulb goes off and you realize you need to stop? I did. In my effort to lose my baby weight, I have been working out (crazy hard) at the gym, more or less watching what I eat and [Read On]

A Day At The Brooklyn Children’s Museum

A few weeks ago I met up with my beautiful bloggy friend and her gorgeous family to visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum I had always heard about this place, so I knew I wanted to take the boys…my youngest was too small to really enjoy (7 months) but my toddler had a blast! We got [Read On]

Good Latin Cookin’ with Chulita’s Famous Spices!

(Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary samples of this product, but I was not compensated for this post. All reviews are mine and honest because I don’t think you expect any less of me!) I love to bake, you guys know that already. I also love to cook. For some reason with baking I just let [Read On]

The Crazy Naked Lady In The Locker Room

Via I remember when I first started going to the gym eeeeeons ago in college, I was a little afraid of the locker room. I mean, women parts everywhere. I have since gotten used to it (thank goodness)! I have even perfected ways to keep body parts covered at all times—included but not limited to: [Read On]

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