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Tuesday Chatter: Bootcamp and a Little Known Conference that I’m Attending this Week

I haven’t taken bootcamp in 4 years. I took it this morning. I remember why I haven’t taken it in four years. It was so brutal! It was one of those classes that you pray the clock goes faster! I was hurtin’ yall. I could barely keep up! I mean—who’s idea was it to put [Read On]

Who Is That On The Instructor Bike? ME! That’s Who!

I know I have talked about getting to the head of the classbefore, but this time I literally was at the head of the class. Like on the instructor bike. I know. Let me explain. My usual routine on Monday is a tough dose of spin followed by a quick bout of strength training. This [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Still Here, Still Strong

So…Its been a while. Every time I get the urge to write about my ongoing battle (me vs. baby weight, or just weight, hold on—when exactly does baby weight become just weight? 6 months? A year? 2 years? Somehow putting the word “baby” in front of it makes it more excusable when in actuality it’s [Read On]

Food Fail: Burger King, Please Take a Seat!

I don’t really rock with fast food anymore, I eat it rarely like mayyybe once every several months. We all know that Burger King’s food, like all other fast food restaurants— are crazy processed and filled with insane ingredients. I know last December Burger King fell to third in most popular food restaurants in the [Read On]

Funny Fridays: Countdown (The Snuggie Version)

I loved this so much I had to share! These children are so creative!! Can you imagine how much time and production went into this?! I love it! Where were we before youtube?! Have an awesome weekend folks!

Tyler Perry Please Stop Playing With My Emotions

 Image Credit I am one of those chicks that HEART Madea movies. There. I said it out loud. I HEART MADEA MOVIES!!! (And all Tyler Perry Movies for that matter) #judgeme. I know, I know. Butthey are funny, and they make me laugh, A LOT. Like gut busting, wowshefindsthatreallyfunny laughs. And most times, they make me [Read On]

Getting to the Head of the Class

Image Credit I heart fitness classes, I usually take 3 of them a week minimum. I like being with folks, having the instructor encourage me to work harder, and having crazy mental competitions in my mind with my fellow fitness freaks. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people shy away from [Read On]

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