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I Probably Would Have Ended Up In Prison Behind This

I am not of the habit of watching the nightly news in NYC, it can be just downright depressing and when I think about the stuff that they SHOULD be reporting and how choosy they are when it comes to their stories, well, that is for another post. This one however, made me jump up [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight:: Small Changes…Big Results?

What a fun weekend to decide that I am going to lose five pounds… Memorial Day weekend is the weekend of celebration, the FIRST official holiday since February (President’s Day) for most working folk, and its actually NICE outside after a long weeks of rain and cold in NYC. It’s the beginning of summer! I [Read On]

Three Day Weekend? Yes Please!!

I’m pretty sure no one gets more excited about Memorial Day Weekend than I am. I mean, in my first holiday since returning from Maternity leave, the weather is nice and I got a whole day to myself, a THREE day weekend is clearly one of best inventions known to man. Thank you Memorial Day. [Read On]

Bullying & The Rumored Basketball Wives Demise

Image credit: Bullying has always been a super sensitive subject for me…not many people know that I was bullied in elementary school. I had just come from a very private, sheltered school and was thrown to the wolves of public school mid-year due to my family purchasing a home on the other side of [Read On]

The Craziest Weekend of 2012

I had a heck of a weekend, its Wednesday and I am still recovering! First, on Friday, I went upstate to attend one of my close cousin’s graduation from my graduate school alma matter Marist College. The graduate and her daughter It was like DeJaVu I was just graduating with my masters degree just 2 [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Running on a Hamster Wheel

This is a bit of a transparent post for me. But I told yall I would keep it real with this baby weight stuff so here goes. I have been having a hard time with the scale, I have been having some NSV’s up this point but those stopped shortly after I returned to work. [Read On]

My Mom Is My Rock

Mother’s day is often one of the most frustrating holidays for me because I never know what to get my mom. She is not your average woman who likes diamonds and all of that fancy stuff, plus she has everything so it’s super hard to go out and actually buy something for her. How do [Read On]

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