Bye Bye Baby Weight:: Small Changes…Big Results?

What a fun weekend to decide that I am going to lose five pounds… Memorial Day weekend is the weekend of celebration, the FIRST official holiday since February (President’s Day) for most working folk, and its actually NICE outside after a long weeks of rain and cold in NYC. It’s the beginning of summer! I […]

Bullying & The Rumored Basketball Wives Demise

Image credit: Bullying has always been a super sensitive subject for me…not many people know that I was bullied in elementary school. I had just come from a very private, sheltered school and was thrown to the wolves of public school mid-year due to my family purchasing a home on the other side of […]

My Mom Is My Rock

Mother’s day is often one of the most frustrating holidays for me because I never know what to get my mom. She is not your average woman who likes diamonds and all of that fancy stuff, plus she has everything so it’s super hard to go out and actually buy something for her. How do […]