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I caught the blog flu!

So I caught the blog flu. I’ve been reading everywhere about you guys not blogging, because of super busy lives, new homes, new babies (!) and such, and I sat back and watched this epidemic take over even my most dedicated of bloggers. I blogged on Monday about ugly sleeping and next thing you know [Read On]

Never Thought I’d Be One of Those People

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Growing up in NYC and riding the train my entire life I have always been a witness to it. I never understood it, and I often judged people on it. I used to stare in shock and awe at how these people could do this on the train and What am I talking [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Breaking the Cycle

17 Weeks Postpartum Since I have been back at work I have been having trouble focusing. All of a sudden there is the challenge of balance and just not enough hours in the day. I knew it would be different, granted, I had done this before…returning to work previously was not easy. As a matter [Read On]

Was I The Only One Completely Freaked Out By This?

As I was awoken by my newborn for his feeding @ 4:30 am Monday morning, I did my usual scan of my twitter feed and saw something a little unusual in my timeline. Everyone was talking about Tupac, which was okay, except when my brain came out of the fog I realized that April neither [Read On]

I think I Found my Side Hustle!

    Earlier this year, I participated in the #31dayreset by It was a really good experience, it made me look inwards and outwards with a new point of view and attitude about how I want to live my life. I set new goals, I had plenty of “a-ha” moments and I vowed to [Read On]

Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

I normally don’t do blog hops and such (I plan to in the future!) but this one looked so fun I couldn’t resist~!   I will be linking up with other fabulous bloggers for a fun linky party which includes twitter parties (love), prizes, recipes and awesome conversation. I am very much looking forward to [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Getting My Head Back In the Game

This past week was hard. I knew I would have to transition into working again but I missed the memo that said it was going to be this tough! My youngest, (now 3.5 months) is hardly in a sleeping routine. Prior to me getting back to work, he was sleep a solid 5-6 hours every [Read On]

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