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TV Thursdays: Smash, BBW, ANTM, BFV & more!

Here are my top 5 shows of the week! SMASH (NBC): Is anybody else watching this mid-season broadway based drama? I LOVE this show! The characters are real, the drama is real (or so I’d like to believe), and the scenery is none other than my backyard of NYC! I usually don’t give mid-season shows [Read On]

Back to Work!

    I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything that I wanted to do while I was on maternity leave…I’ve had four months to do these things!! WHAT Happened?! I got wayyy too comfortable with the little guy. He is super fun to cuddle with, takes naps with, dance with…you [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Finding My Running Mojo

  14 Weeks Postpartum I am trying to run. Check that. I am running. I am doing the Couch 2 5k Program for the third time. First time I did it! I completed it. I had a hard time on the treadmill, but once I completed it, I went 5k Crazy and ran about 8 [Read On]

My Day in a Juvenile Detention Center

I have been working as a volunteer with New York Cares for the past 7 years, the last 5 being a team leader. A team leader is the liaison between New York Cares and the location, so I am responsible for 18-20 volunteers per small individual project. I love it, it is one of the [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: The Breakthrough

12 Weeks PostPartum I had it in my mind to discuss the limitations that I have in the gym because of my second cesarean…but then I weighed in. Can you guys believe that I lost 4.1 pounds this week? *insert stunned face here* I had a moment when I saw the number. After all these weeks [Read On]

A Hairy Situation: The much avoided haircut

             My son has got some really great mixed hair, (puerto rican and caribbean) its soft, and fluffy and grows really fast. I adore his hair, I promised the world that I would cut it as soon as he started talking….then it was his 2nd birthday….then it was labor day…..I kept coming up with so [Read On]

CupCake Chronicles: 101 Damatian & Pina Colada

I have so many passions in life. My Family, Friends, Spirituality, Fitness & Reading to name a few. Lately, however, I have found something new that I love to do, and it is BAKING. I have mentioned before in my previous cupcake chronicles post that I am actually pretty good at this, now I’m no [Read On]

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