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Man to go on Breast Milk Only Diet

Say What? That was my first reaction when I saw the article on talking about the man who was going to live on Breast Milk ONLY to make sure that his wife’s supply did not go to “waste”. “Here’s the backstory: Doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator Katie has three children, all born [Read On]

Seven Things!

The lovely Mrs. Pancakes over at Mrs. challenged me to share 7 things about myself so here goes! 1) My favorite dish is Oxtail & Rice n Peas. 2) My family heritage is Jamaican, and I speak fluent Patois. 3) I had emergency gall bladder removal surgery last December, after being misdiagnosed for a [Read On]

American Idol vs. X factor USA, who gets your vote?

I adore American Idol. I have been watching like many since season 1, I love all facets of the show. The auditions, the crying, the pipe dreams… I even love the brutal elimination rounds. (I love when Randy goes into a room full of people to tell them although you have made it this far, [Read On]

Unexpected Motivation!

And she is back at em again ladies and gents. Not only did I have a rockstar day, but I got a couple of tidbits of motivation that I wasn’t even looking for… I was pretty determined to workout yesterday, I was not feeling half as bad as Monday, and the day was going pretty [Read On]

Sometimes when you feel you can’t…just don’t!

So I’m starting to realize this blogging thing is helping me cope in a weird way. Today, is a not so good day. I am tired, we had several toddler episodes last night and well I’m kinda angry. Not at anything in particular, but angry in a I feel crappy right now sort of way. [Read On]

Sometimes when you feel you can’t…you can!

So Ms. Big Belly (me) is back in total body class. It’s a miracle! A little history: Ever have that one class that you hatehatehate, but love at the same time because it gives you amazing results? Well, that class is total body for me! This is a lot of insane plyometrics, and advanced weight [Read On]

Celebration Time!

So hubby and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary over the weekend by splurging on one of the most awesome steakhouses in NYC. Del Friscos! (Although this is our 4th wedding anniversary, hubby and I have been a pair for an amazing 13 years. You think it would be boring and repetitive by now, [Read On]

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