The intimidation of it all.

The gym is my happy place. Not many people can really identify with that, but its true. It all began shortly after I had my first son, my husband was working insane hours and I was allowed 2 hours a week (all at one time) to go to the gym (thanks to babysitting services offered […]

Couch 2 5k – My Experience

I have always been super jealous of the wonderful breed of people that I call “natural runners”. They run with such grace and poise in the parks and on the streets and it reminds me that everything is good in life. They are beautiful. Unfortunately for me the farthest thing from natural to me is […]

The Best.Celeb.Baby.Bump.News.Ever.

Bey is pregnant! Now, I am not a celebrity watcher, I don’t generally keep up on big events happening, I usually leave that to everyone else to keep me in the know. However. Bey is a different story, and as I settled into my yearly obsessive Video Music Award Twitter commentary I noticed on my […]

A Open Letter to My Body

I recently read in Shape Magazine that I should write my body a letter. It seemed like a genius idea. So here goes. Dear Body of Mine, We have been through a lot in these past three years haven’t we! Prior to having my firstborn I was unaware of your power, your uniqueness. I want […]

Eating Clean

First let me just say that I envy people who truly eat clean. Those who avoid saturated fats, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and all of the other ingredients we can’t really pronounce — are amazing! During the first part of my weightloss, literally 2 hours after my “aha moment” I decided that I had […]