How Determined Are You?


I read an article the other day that had a profound effect on me. Maybe it will have the same effect on you.

Here is an excerpt:

“People want to start their own business or become financially independent. But you don’t end up a successful entrepreneur unless you find a way to love the risk, the uncertainty, the repeated failures, and working insane hours on something you have no idea whether will be successful or not. Some people are wired for that sort of pain, and those are the ones who succeed.”

The article talked about getting what you want and how hard you are actually willing to work to get it.

When I finished reading the piece I had to stop and think, how hard AM I willing to work?


A lot of the time we see people’s success stories in different areas and say man I would love to have that. What no one ever talks about are the sacrifices that are made to get to the culmination of the success story.

We see all the glitz and glamour but never the hard stuff, the uncomfortable times, the worry, the doubt.

Fear can be so paralyzing that so often people never make it to the actual throne of success. Fear can be the sinking sand to a dream.

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The article made me really reflect on how hard I really am working towards my goals, whether it’s family, career, weight loss–wherever I am putting the most effort is where I will succeed.

Except what do you do when everything requires the most effort??

What do you think? Are you putting everything into reaching your goals? Blood sweat and tears included?



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  1. Yes ma’am!!! I’ve failed before and am unafraid to fail again. I let fear paralyze me for 8 months on going for something 6 years ago. Once I finally stepped out and did it, I found my own unique approach to that business. Every since then, I jump into any project that fits my mission with the sole goal of figuring out how to move around barriers and reach whatever success I aspire to have for that particular project. I’m a runner! It’s not my proudest trait as often I’ve had come to Jesus moments with loved ones who’d like me to be “just Joi” when my mind is racing and I’m constantly working!

    I love this post! Just yesterday in my post, I was trying to make the point of surrounding yourself with a healthy balance of successful people, equals, and underlings….lest you don’t ever fall out of touch with the realities of the beginning and the end.
    Joi recently posted…“Deer in Headlights” – NST Recap from A #ViExpertMy Profile

    • I know what you mean we a sould sisters that way, we ALWAYS got something ELSE going on! I think its just the way we are wired. The realities is where the hard part is, it is so easy to show off afterwards but whoa…the during is tough.

  2. This really resonates with me for SO many reasons. The reason I had to sell my personal training studio was that I needed to give it AND my new babies 110% – which, of course, is not possible. My husband also worked so hard and we both sacrificed for his business to become what it is today. People look at him and say he’s “lucky” and I want to tell them about all the hardships, sleepless nights and big deals that were missed before some big ones landed. It took YEARS and he’s still working hard everyday to maintain what he’s built.
    The quote from Ali is the perfect way to end this!
    Would you mind letting me know where I can read the full article?
    Allie recently posted…Allie’s Arms – The TrifectaMy Profile

  3. I LOVE THIS!!! You know, I was saying almost this EXACT THING to my son yesterday after he faced a particularly heartbreaking defeat in a wrestling meet yesterday. I was telling him that hard work and determination will eventually win out every time. If you just keep on, you will get there. I’ll take a determined attitude and a worker any day. The only people who every really succeed have failed multiple times to get there. It’s just part of the mix. You just have to get up and keep plugging one more time that you get pushed down to make it. I want him (and me!) to have that kind of resilience. LOVE this!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Facebooking For FunMy Profile

  4. Totally love this and seriously work my butt off daily, so I do hope I am putting in enough effort. But I will say this, I love what I am doing and never could have imagined going as far as I have so far, so I will keep fighting the good fight on this one for sure now!! :)
    Janine recently posted…Affiliate Love ~ Tiny Prints Holiday Cards From Me To YouMy Profile

  5. If you want to be successful you will have to put in the work and everyone’s definition of work is going to be different and have a different journey. The sacrifices are truly the hardest part. My motto is work now play later. I am up at all times of the night to get things done. I am emailing people after work hours because I can’t get to them during the day. I am doing whatever it takes to succeed if that means not shopping for myself to put my money into my business then so be it. You know my sweats be on point for now lol
    Kita recently posted…MicroTouch Switch BladeMy Profile

    • That is an awesome motto! You are SO going to get everywhere you want because all that hard work isn’t for nothing. I love the way you define success too, you are doing big things!!

  6. We are on the same track today, girlie. My post is very similar. I can honestly say that I am not giving my all towards any of my goals right now. Yes, I am working hard…maybe even harder than the average person. BUT I know this is not my personal best. I could be more productive at work during the day. I could work to schedule more blog posts and teach myself more design elements. I could prep more food and just say no to the unhealthy stuff. I know all of these things and more…but somedays, I just don’t get things done the way I would like.
    Kimberly recently posted…Thursday’s ThoughtsMy Profile

    • Kimmy, I completely hear you! I think its super important to focus on one thing because Lord knows we can’t do it ALL at 100%.

  7. I do…but I think there are things I could do to work smarter…and I plan to sit down over the upcoming breaks and really try to map out things. Great post!
    Michelle recently posted…Doggy Cam Anyone?My Profile

  8. Thank you for sharing this artucle. I also have a bunch of things that need hard work and focus and I find it hard topick just one. Maybe it will help me sort things out.
    Patty recently posted…A Year Without CableMy Profile

  9. Wow I just read this article yesterday and I was really interesting. This article definitely spoke to me and I will be making some positive changes.
    Chantel recently posted…Fashion News: Lenny Kravitz Is Desigining With Fred SegalMy Profile

  10. Wow – this sort of hits home. The past couple of months I feel like I’ve just put about 70% into each of the different facets of my life – I need to figure out what my goals really are and pour everything into that!!!
    Kim recently posted…Stretching – Good for the Body, Great for the MindMy Profile

  11. Nope, I haven’t been. And that’s my problem. It hasn’t hurt a lot yet. It’s been this safe cocooned world where I get clients through word of mouth, do some nice jobs, everyone is happy, the end.
    If I want real money and real success, I know it’s gotta hurt. I have to put myself out there. A lot. And get rejected. Not a lot, but some. I’m so close, though. I’m so sick of being poor.
    Tamara recently posted…I Wish I Were Big.My Profile

  12. When I see women with amazing bodies, I often think “Wow, I’d love to look like her”. But I have to quickly follow up with ” But am I willing to put in the effort and sacrifice that it takes to look like that?” Sometimes. That’s why I’m not completely unhappy with my body – but not overly thrilled either. One day, if I am willing to put in the work, I can have the success.
    Leah recently posted…Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  13. Risk…it’s the biggest thing that’s held me back. The Husband isn’t in the most stable of professions, and I like that at least one of us has a stable job. I do still dream of going out on my own, but I’m definitely going to have to get over being risk-averse. Clearly you’ve gotten over those boundaries. You’re doing great! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.
    Leslie recently posted…{Roundup} Thanksgiving PrintablesMy Profile

  14. I love this! It’s so true. I know that I could be doing more. I think the risk is holding me back!
    FitBritt recently posted…Friday’s Food & Fitness: Dance Dance Dance!My Profile

  15. Over time, my goals have changed. I believe now they are simple, yet a constant struggle to keep, reach for and maintain. I believe sticking to them is what I was made to do though! Great post, Nellie!
    Brittnei recently posted…Feature Friday!My Profile

  16. It takes a lot of work to be successful and remain there. It requires getting up early, staying up late, skipping outings with friends, and being present 100% with your project. Giving your all while working full-time, being a mom and wife, or whatever is a tough responsibility.
    Reginia {} recently posted…Around These PartsMy Profile

  17. one of my favorite TED talks is about rejection therapy. this guy intentionally looked for rejection, only to find that surprisingly a lot of times, people tried to help him out. it’s a really inspiring philosophy—to just keep at it. we must keep telling ourselves that rejection is good! it’s one step closer to achieving our dreams.
    Catherine Gacad recently posted…Everyday is ThanksgivingMy Profile

  18. I just found this post!
    I know I am NOT giving my all towards my goals. I have so many and it seems NO time to complete it all. It’s hard to face it and very disappointing to me. It almost feels like I have to give up something I love for something else I love. For me, rightnow, I have to put my family first. One of those hard choices. I am choosing right now not to give up on a dream, but to put it to the side for a little bit. I WILL accomplish my goals one day, just at a slower pacfe than I aticipated! But I’d rather be moving slowly towars my goal rather than not at all.

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