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Mommy Anxiety!

So as I approach my ninth month of pregnancy I’m beginning to realize that I am about to be a real mom.

Well weren’t you a real mom before?

Of course. Being a first time mommy is awesome, when you learn the fun tricks of quieting a cranky, colicky newborn, and you learn how to puree veggies and fruits, AND how to somehow keep the dishes clean while doing all of the above– you are winning.

The first year of mommyhood is exhausting, jarring and most times…exhilarating. but now, with a second boy on the way, I’ve got a little voice in my head asking…

Can you handle this?

So you mean to tell me that you are going to manage a 2 year old and an infant? AT THE SAME TIME?

Are you seriously prepared to wake up every hour tending to babies needs?

Are you ready to be confined daily to your home during the long winter months with your only companions being a baby and lots of spitup?

Are you?

And the answer is unequivocally … No!

Every first time mommy becomes quickly familiar with their child. They learn their habits, likes and dislikes. I feel like I know my son so well now that I can blog a bit while he plays with his cars. I know him. Will I be able to maintain that connection to him when baby boy 2 comes? Will I be so zoned into him that I lose the original connection with boy 1?

Will I be a real mommy? Juggling focused eyes behind my head? Can I make boy1 not miss his mommy while I tend to boy2?

These are the questions that cause my heart to race a bit faster, and my palms to get all clammy.

I know there is an adjustment period for all of us. But the unknown is just about to drive me mad!



Mommy. Career Woman. Fitness Addict.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (2 and 4), she is a career woman by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is  a positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. She features a Weekly Wednesday Workout and a Friday Fitness Check-in series where she encourages her readers to check in and remain accountable for their fitness and nutrition goals weekly. In addition to getting in the gym 5 times weekly, Nellie became inspired to become a licensed Zumba instructor at Fitbloggin' 12. She now teaches a regular high energy Saturday Zumba class in Brooklyn. Since beginning to blog Nellie has lost 27lbs (and counting)! You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, & Google Plus.

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  1. Fatoutofskinny says:

    My two girls are 2 1/2 years apart. Yes there will be an adjustment period, but you will find the time for both of them and before you know it they will be playing together and keeping each other occupied, giving you more relaxation time!

  2. awww, i don’t know exactly what you are going through as i have never had any children but i think you will do just fine! when the time comes you are just going to make it happen. you’ll see! :)

  3. When we talk about having a second baby, I think about the exact same things. Then I remember this. People do it all the time. My friend had her second about 6 months ago and she had the same fears but things have a way of working out. You’ll find a rhythm and things will be great!

  4. I felt the same way about my 2nd baby and then I was super relaxed with my 3rd baby!!! Just breathe and things will come to gether!!! BTW–love your blog!

  5. Thanks so much! Maybe I will be totally relaxed with #3!

  6. Thanks so much! I sure hope so. Thats good advice to remember, clearly people have done it always. Maybe because I am an only child?! who knows.

  7. Thanks so much Faith! Your vote of confidence is so nice!

  8. That is exactly how far apart my boys will be! The thought of them distracting each other is heavenly :))

  9. I can only imagine how different it will be to have baby #1! but like you do everything else….it will come nautrally with experience…im sure you will do awesome Nellie!

  10. Thanks Mrs. P!

  11. Hang in there mama! I have seen so many women have the same thoughts and do a great job caring for their children……….and so will you.

  12. You can do it!


  13. Honestly girl you will be tired and you will have those crazy moments but you will get thru them and they will seem like nothing in the aftermath. You will be able to bond with both your kids and they will both feel the love. Don’t worry about it. You will be excellent.

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